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  1. ihsteven

    Best Restaurants and Bars in Los Angeles?

    Restaurants: Bandera (great place) Brentwood (highly recommend) Houston's (same owner as Bandera) Santa Monica Mastros (Beverly Hills) Dan Tana's (West Hollywood) Bars: The Huntley Hotel (Santa Monica) Must go. The London Hotel (Sunset Strip) Polo Lounge (Beverly Hills Hotel) Chateau Marmont (Sunset Strip) There are a bunch in Downtown LA too, but it's really better at those above.. -Steven
  2. ihsteven

    So What Happened?! Details Inside

    Can I make a suggestion for you Rory and the team at Lpower.. Anyone in DevOps or IT infrastructure would cringe at making site changes to a production environment without testing/QA in a staging environment prior. I know I posted in the other thread about making backups before you guys took this site offline for 2 weeks, but I doubt that happened, which is why there are lost posts etc.. My suggestion would be to put an identical version of this site (on a different database) so you can test your changes on say dev.lambopower.com (create an ACL so it doesn't get indexed or accessed by anyone except for you and the other admins) before propagating them to prod. Additionally, you should always have backups and a regression plan in the event things go south like they clearly did the past few weeks. If you want some help, let me know. -Steven
  3. ihsteven

    Garage coming along

    Looks great Allan, congrats.. How long ago did you do the epoxy? I did it for my garage a long time ago (maybe 6-7 years ago) and after say a year or so the tire marks from the cars showed on it.. So I'm wondering if the epoxy has gotten more durable, or just my installer sucked! -Steven
  4. ihsteven

    My Grigio Telesto LP570 Superleggera

    Our cars are twins! -Steven
  5. ihsteven

    TEASER: Vorsteiner, Novitec, ADV1.'s OH MY!

    Hey Adam, Love the car.. Was this the one at Lambo Newport Beach? -Steven
  6. ihsteven

    CHP 11-99 Membership

    I think the value varies greatly. I remember being on a run in LA which was a CHP run to benefit the 11-99 foundation. One of the cars got pulled over by a sheriff on PCH. Actually, I seem to recall 4 of them did, all got tickets.. I don't want to speculate on how they were driving, but since the CHP was with us, I don't think it mattered one iota.. -Steven
  7. ihsteven

    Armytrix LP560 Titanium Exhaust System - It's here!

    Matt, It's been a few days, we all know you're not working, so let's have it... Bring on the videos! See you in Miami in June ? -Steven
  8. ihsteven

    My Super Trofeo Stradale on 20" HRE P40SC & KW V3

    Car looks sick, how does it handle bumps in the road/steeper driveways ? My SL isn't lowered or anything and I have so little clearance sometimes.. -Steven
  9. ihsteven

    Superleggera in my future

    Allan, There had to be something wrong with either the car, or the seller. I don't know any 2011 SuperGs going for that, unless there is a firesale or salvage.. -Steven
  10. ihsteven

    Amex Centurion Black Card

    In all seriousness, AMEX runs promotions to transfer points to airlines. With 1mm in spending, sometimes they offer big time rewards like 50% bonus to BA transfer, or 35 or 40% bonus to KLM etc. So 1mm will get you ~ 10 international business class RT tickets, but with the 50% bonus, it's like 15 business class RT tickets easily worth 2k each, thus 2007gallardo's post about the 24k worth of tickets.. -Steven
  11. ihsteven

    LP560 Exhaust

    I have an LP570 with the RSC exhaust. I'll try to make it to the sunday car show on topanga if you want to listen to it.. -Steven
  12. ihsteven

    Verizon Cell Phone Range Extenders

    You just got shafted.. I live in hollywood hills, called up verizon, told them I'm a long time customer and never had good cell phone reception near my house, they send me the network extender for free.. Setup was super easy too, hook unit to router, place near a window, turn power on, wait 4 hours for the signals to update, and done. Now I have 5 bars, and service is fine.. -Steven
  13. ihsteven

    05LSV Buying a Gallardo Thread

    That looks like my old car The matte black callistos and yellow calipers are sexy! -Steven
  14. ihsteven

    LP meets in Malibu/Calabasas

    I'm totally down.. -Steven
  15. ihsteven

    Clear Side Markers

    Took a few pics the other day -Steven