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  1. computer glitch... sorry about that
  2. Anyone have any thought or fears that this could happen soon? I feel that if he feels like we will take him out he will try his best before that to attack us in the worst way... knowing he has nothing to lose... scary stuff...
  3. good luck bill with the new car... looks great so far.... hope to see it in person one day soon.. Larry
  4. where is JOSE going to go?
  5. BUMN

    Kim Jong Un

    scary stuff going on.....
  6. look like the lambo won
  7. car looks sick..best of luck with it..... I would like to have one day, looking at the 570s at the moment
  8. love it best of luck, cant wait to hear what you think of the car and the review
  9. can a private shop work on the mclarens? I heard they don't have the proper tools to work on them, and McLaren wants it that way.... so all any work goes to the dealerships .... true.. false?
  10. BUMN

    mp12c or 570s?

    Not sure if this is true.... but someone said you have to bring the car to the dealer for any repair and service? that private shops don't have the tools to even do an oil change? Is this true? If so I see that a big negative...
  11. BUMN

    Kim Jong Un

    some bad shit coming
  12. BUMN

    Kim Jong Un

    scary shit, got two 2 guys with power ego's.... nothing good from this.... Chinese will help n. korea
  13. BUMN

    mp12c or 570s?

    yes trying to get idea's on Mp12c or the McLaren 570S
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