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  1. the new look is really nice. Congratulations! 1 issue - I don't like the "Is. The. New." This just doesn't make sense Also the Lambopower.com is over the most important part of the image, the cars, while the boats are in clear view. Its kind of confusing seeing boats when you open the page. I'd rather see the Lambos. Aside from that it's very nice
  2. He's a little over the top but I never get tired of delivery/collection videos. The school pick up was very cool.
  3. give Orbic a shout. They are super nice people, I was a student of theirs for a while. I dont think they have any Eurocopters knocking about but they will help you find something nice for your first time. http://orbicair.com/c-259806-helicopter-ch...os-angeles.html
  4. Since its your first time I'd keep looking for a better ride. Don't get a "local" company. Call an LA company and have them come out and get you in something nice (without a wrap!).
  5. I was looking at this company to bring one into the US. I grew up with old Series 1 Land Rovers and love the idea of a Defender for nostalgic reasons. I'm not sure about any trip over 10 miles in it though.. https://riverhousemini.com
  6. Its not a mental issue, its his shtick. His FB page is even worse.
  7. gLA


    Amazing, can I see a close up of the bonnet?
  8. A true gentleman and a great ambassador for the brand. An old bullrun photo
  9. Yes, the last season was the best yet.
  10. Your Diablo looks amazing, congratulations. No wing is sublime.
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