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  1. Can anyone recommend a good leather cleaner or maintenance kit for leather seats and dash in an Aventador? Manual says to use the car kit but I cannot find it for sale. Thanks.
  2. I saw this house last week on star island. Our captain said he’s seen it parked everywhere even on a beach. Instead of an anchor it’s got 4 legs that pin it to the ground. The guy can drive the house around.
  3. The blue icon at the top does the same doesn’t it?
  4. I had all my cars done in Opti-coat Pro Plus. Each one had a paint correction done prior to the coating. Iirc on the invoice the time spent on paint correction was more than the Opticoat. You got some vintage cars so it might take a while to do paint correction. I have a 97’ 993 Turbo that took over a week. Might be a PITA to DIY. To the OP it was totally worth it. It makes washing super fast. And you don’t have to wax any more. For the older car it made it look brand new.
  5. I’ve owned a 12’ for almost 4 years. It’s been bulletproof proof for me. I’ve had everything updated at the dealer as they sent notices. I love mine and it’s been reliable.
  6. Seems like repainting the calipers black would solve it all. The red interior stitching doesn’t seem that that bad to me.
  7. What is wrong with the color? Looks like highlighter yellow. And interior has a little red accents. Is it really that bad?
  8. I’ve been going through autotrader/cargurus/eBay over the last 4 weeks and it seems like msrp or above. My local dealer is doing msrp but waiting to see if anyone has backed out on their orders. I really want mauvine blue so hoping to get really lucky. Anyone have a perspective on what to expect based on the 650 coupe and spyder historicals? Were 650 prices at msrp and up post launch and for how long before they started to come down.
  9. Wider fender flares. Front bumper has larger air intakes and different grill. Larger 22” wheels.
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