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  1. Thinking about getting into competition rimfire pistol shooting and looking at the Ruger Mk IV. Any words of advice or other recommendations? My eyes aren't what they used to be and I'm staying under $1k for initial equipment buy-in. Also want to stay with iron sights...no optics for the foreseeable future.
  2. I did this years ago when Microsoft made a product called Home Server. Tried v1 and v2 and gave up on it to just use their cloud. It's fine for keeping stuff "in house" and relatively secure but it's still plugged in to the net and only as secure as you keep it. If I wanted to do it again I would just use WD's MyCloud instead of building a NAS. The software for MyCloud is supposed to be a little more family friendly.
  3. The decision to lock or close this thread isn't political...it's about making LP great again
  4. Why don't we exercise democracy right here and poll to delete this thread?
  5. Just binged all 4 seasons...worth it
  6. http://www.wfaa.com/news/local/40000-pound...-fire/502972988
  7. article listing "Extraordinary presidential compound-one of the world's safest homes for life and personal property. Modern fortress with commanding views designed and fortified to "live to die another day" standards by global security expert Al Corbi. Self-sustaining water and power supply, thirty capacity car vault, art museum, three kitchens included. Catering and summer. Infinity pool, bowling alley, gun range, game room, solarium, spa, theater, wine cellar and room, vault, command center, two commercial elevators, geothermal systems. Some photos are only representative, as the p
  8. My particular favorite...Jupiter Loved it....just north of West Palm and weekend drive to Orlando or Miami is a piece of cake. Definitely miss it compared to Atlanta but c'est la vie. Down sides are the drives are flat and straight and real estate tax and insurance (home and car) is a bit stiff.
  9. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Nyotaimori
  10. West Palm


    Funny you bring this up. I am joining them as a personal/professional goal for 2016 I'm hoping they can help me kick my mumbling and speed-talking to the curb.
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