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  1. Chad, I'd be in for a whole set in carbon! Do we have options on color? My existing carbon has dark blue weave in it.
  2. Here's another video (next in line on YouTube when I was watching). Comments are pretty damning... Jump to 11:10 for prang "Crash at Riesentoter PCA driver's education event. Summit Point Jefferson Circuit, April 27th, 2014... No run off area at this track exacerbates the severity of the accident....
  3. Damnit Ace, ok you guys got me... What happened?! (and if the motorcyclist is actually another girly I'm going to be sick)
  4. That is very frkn cool. You've just got me off the fence on this stuff
  5. Um.. Cake, I think this is exactly what Frank is worried about...
  6. So what DOES the extra money get you? Is it just extra Amps, enhanced software/management or are there motor and/or gearbox changes?
  7. And in new news... WTF is happening out there and why are these people still alive?
  8. "Collisions snarled traffic around the Puget Sound region during Thursday’s storm, offering a first seasonal reminder that Washingtonians are somehow still bad at driving in the rain." This bit still kills me... Not sure if it's all the imports from CA (or abroad), but any slight rain or even a frkn curve in the road and all hell breaks loose!
  9. I think you're missing the point here. The art of driving comes down to more than just the car. True driving enthusiasts want the challenge of perfecting their experience, not just having a more efficient computer controlled machine...
  10. And apparently wanted ISIS flag in hospital room. Crazy thing is I'm actually surprised his wish wasn't granted....
  12. You're right! Maybe this is nothing to do with the Lambo. Maybe it's a PANTS THING...
  13. Couldn't the sound difference (but still with synchronization) just be down to whether he's leaning out the window or further back in the room? If the muzzle is outta the window it's direct sound, if he's further back inside the room he has the windows acting like a baffle with 2 ports (broken windows)?
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