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  1. I actually took the base seats from the P1 and 675LT. They have a narrow and regular option. I got the regular option which is the wider seat. I’m 5’11” 185 and fit in them fine. If you’ve sat in a modern Porsche GT car with the Light Weight Buckets, these are very much alike. I didn’t go for the Senna seats as they would have held the car up a bit. I was an early adopter and wanted the car. I also don’t mind the look of the P1 seats. As an aside, you can also opt for the full power seats which aren’t bad either. McLaren has a nice range here. Let me know if I can be of any help. Enjoy your test drive. The car is little hellion. I love it.
  2. Hi kmr, I have experience with the Performante and 600LT. Have driven a 488 as well. I’ll talk about the Performante and 600LT first, as those both have been in my garage. Both are great cars and it’s a matter of taste. I’ll tell you my pick of the two at the end. Exterior Design: this is subjective, of course. From the front, they are both aggressive. I love the front end of the Performante. The improvement over the base Huracan is very nice to my eye. It says, get out of the way! The McLaren looks nice too but the edge goes to the Performante. Side styling is a virtual tie with McLaren edging the Lambo because the doors go up. Back end is no contest. 600LT takes this one. The top exit exhausts, tail lights, and that huge rear diffuser make for a great backside. Interior: both have great interiors. It’s easier to get in and out of the Performante. But both have plenty of room once you’re in. The race seats in the Performante suck. Avoid them. The carbon fiber on the race seats also doesn’t match the forged carbon on the dash trim. The standard power seats are much more comfortable and provide plenty of lateral support. Just my opinion. The McLaren can be had with full carbon interior which I recommend. It’s bare carbon whereas the external pieces are gloss. The switch gear in the Mac is of higher quality. Those switches in the middle of the Perf always felt a bit cheap to me. Lambo has the better Nav. With the Bower and Wilkins stereo option, the Mac has the superior radio. It’s a great system and I’d recommend finding a car with that option. 12 speakers in that small cabin sound very nice. Powertrain and Performance: both cars have great engines. The V10 in the Perf is an incredible motor. Virtually bulletproof and sounds incredible. McLaren sounds actually very good because of the top exit exhausts but the Lambo sound can’t be matched. Speed isn’t everything but I’ll give you my impressions and you can look around the web to compare as well. From 0-30/60, the Perf is quicker. Past that point, it’s going to get walked by the 600LT. It won’t be pretty. From a roll, the 600LT all day. Sorry to the Perf owners but it’s going to get its ass handed to it. The only way the Perf keeps up is if the 600LT can’t get traction, which could happen if the tires are cold on the LT. Handling: the Perf speaks for itself here. We all know what it did at the ring. And you know from driving one that it’s lap time is genuine. Thing just claws it’s way around corners. The ALA in concert with AWD make this car punch way above its weight. The LT just can’t corner quite as well. It’s under tired but purposely so. It only has 285 section rear tires. But they are Trofeo R’s and do a remarkable job of providing grip when they are WARM. You have to warm the tires up on this car. Then it becomes a great driving companion. It’s definitely more playful than the Performante. You can step the tail out and have some fun or cast your line and stick to it. It’s a rewarding car to drive. The steering in the Mac is better. It’s still a hydraulic unit and communicates much better than the Perf. The Perf goes where you want it to but the rack is electric and doesn’t quite have the feedback. The steering on the Mac is Porsche GT like. Probably better! My conclusion: deciding between these two is really hard. It’s a personal decision. You may want to take depreciation into consideration. I left that out. Macs have generally not faired well. With that being said, I feel this is the best McLaren on sale right now. The 720 is an incredible machine but has been way over produced IMO. If I’m not mistaken, approximately 1000 600LT coupes exist worldwide and they are now primarily producing 600LT Spiders. This would make the LT more rare than the Performante. But the Performante will most likely hold value beacuase of brand recognition. If money is not a concern, my vote goes to the LT. Not a popular answer here, I know. The Performante is an exceptional car. For me, most of my driving is on the street. There, the Mac just feels a bit more lively. Lighter on its feet and more engaging. That is probably a lot due to it being rear wheel drive. It’s got more than enough power and those flames are a bonus. This is all opinion of course. Go drive both and make a judgment call. You can’t go wrong either way! As to the 488. It’s a fine car. Fast, capable, but not as edgy as the other two. It’s the GT of the three. More comfortable, easier to get in and out of. Give it a try too. Will be good to hear what you come back with. Good Luck.
  3. Crazy world we live in. The car I was looking at is still on their website. It looks to be a nice GT3 but I’ve been waiting the market out as I’m not a huge fan of paying over MSRP. Thanks for sharing that information abolfaz.
  4. Like Charlie, I’m on the list. I’m fortunate to have a great relationship with my dealer and sales advisor. He’s actually a good friend and doesn’t require a deposit until we place the order. At the time of order, I have to place a 25K deposit which he sends directly to McLaren. I think there will be plenty to go around if you want one. I can PM you his info if you would like. Pricing should be announced at Goodwood this weekend.
  5. Back to the car...I actually like it! The aero and exhaust (even if it's lifted from the 918) really makes this a great looking car. I have no doubt it will be a great track car with almost Performante levels of performance. It will never sound as good or have the Lambo presence, that's a given--I never get tired of hearing my Performante roar to life or the drive. The Perf is in a league on its own. The 600LT strikes me as a direct competitor to the GT3RS. Both are great cars but it's a matter of taste. Do you want the German scalpel or British razor? Value aside, I think the 600LT wins my vote. Of course, I would need to drive both to make a fair comparison I think the RS may be a touch quicker on some tracks and slower on others. What I have little doubt about is that in straight line, the RS is going to get walked. Looks are subjective too but Mac wins this contest hands down. Also, the Porsche GT market here in the States is a little crazy now too. They're fetching over MSRP which makes the RS proposition less appealing. It's a great car but not worth a 30-50K premium. So, I may be placing a deposit on the LT. I think it would be a good stablemate for the Performante. McLaren is maturing quickly and doing a nice job with their line up. They are making the other manufacturers compete at a higher level, which is good for all of us.
  6. Hey Everyone, I’m ready to purchase a .2 GT3. I think it will nicely compliment my Performante and would complete my dream garage. I have always been a fan of Porsche GT cars. They’re extremely well engineered, tend to hold their value, and are fun to drive or track. My first foray into expensive cars was a 997.1 GT3. I enjoyed that car and have missed it since I let it go. Up to this point, I have been a one expensive/exotic car owner. I’m now lucky enough (with some hard work thrown in there) to have two. The hunt is now on for a 991.2 GT3. It has to have a manual, Sport Bucket Seats, PCCBs, lift, and some other goodies. I have found a few that meet this criteria but they are selling pretty quick. And all are commanding over MSRP. Some are a bit crazy on price. I’m willing to pay over (call me crazy) within reason. So, here are some questions I have for those who own one or are Porsche experts/enthusiasts. First, does anyone have a connection or know of a build slot that may somehow be available at or near MSRP. Next, car choices. Both are pre-owned. I’m currently looking at a Racing Yellow with a nice spec. 173K MSRP. Asking price is 209K. Way high in my opinion. It is missing the Leather/Alcantara option and a couple of others. But it has Shark Werks exhaust, clear bra, and clear markers. It can be privately sold to me which saves sales tax here in AZ(about 16K). The other car is Chalk that has a loaded spec. 183K MSRP. Asking 205K. I love the options on this car. It was done almost perfect. Not sure if this one is available private sale. It’s at a dealer but perhaps consigned. I’m going to call and find out. Here’s the dilemma. I like the yellow color a bit better but the options better on the Chalk. Given these two (I have a negotiated price in mind on both), which would you choose and why? The yellow one is missing the leather on the dash and doors. Would you let that stop you from getting this car? Chalk is the most ordered color on the GT3 but I still like it. I don’t know if the options or color will have a bigger bearing on future value. Any ideas? Thanks for reading this far and I look forward to your responses. Have a great Memorial Day Weekend! Thank You to all our Vets!
  7. Good Evening everyone. I’m looking into a car (911 GT3) at Exotic Motors. Wondering if our south Florida residents or others have any experience or knowledge about this dealership. From what I can tell, they have high quality inventory. The car I’m interested in I’ll post more about in the Porsche section. Thanks in advance for any help.
  8. The P1’s just went up in value.
  9. Great color combo. congrats and enjoy!
  10. Cheers to all of the current and future owners. There isn’t a bad spec for this car. Loving all of the color combos and options I’m seeing. Makes me want more than one. Mine will be here mid December via air freight. Back to my roots with Oriancio Borealis—the color my first ‘08 SL.
  11. Love your spec. Congrats! Look forward to hearing your impressions of the car.
  12. Awesome combo. Mine comes in late December to early January. I hope they end up air freighting it over. Lambo will occasionally do that to close a sale before years end. I chose pearl orange but these pics of Parsifae are tempting me to call my sales rep and change colors. That purple just looks so good on the Perf.! Can’t wait to see pics of yours and your brothers. Congrats to you both.
  13. Since you talked your brother out of it, maybe a shade of yellow. You could do yellow with Cepheus calipers. Kind of an inverse take on your SV. Maybe a pearl or matte tone for the paint. The matte grey has really grown on me too. A few different brake calipers would go with that—red comes to mind. Decisions! BTW, great review. Makes me more as excited as delivery day approaches.
  14. Very Nice! Looks a lot like my spec except I went with the diamond cut interior. Good Luck with sale.
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