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  1. Your pictures are great Allan. Glad you are having a good time!
  2. Do not put in a larger fuse!!! You will create more problems with a melt down of the harness. If you have had any work done on the car start looking at the wires in that area. If not you are going to have to look at the wiring harness to see if you can find the spot that is rubbing the wire against the frame. I would start with the front first. If you remove the lower panel you can see a lot from under the car to inspect the harness. It might take some time to fine the problem since it only does it going down the road. While you are looking at the harness try wiggling it to try and make it blow the fuse. If it blows when you are wigging the harness and it blows the fuse you are real close to the problem.
  3. You are doing great! Thanks for all of the pictures. Even with the cost of the parts for the wires and the time you spent on them you are still money ahead.
  4. It takes a 8MM allen to get the bolts out of the axle shaft.
  5. Keep up the great work. With all of the guys on this site I am sure that if you have a problem that someone will be able to help you with the information that you will need to solve it. I got my gaskets from Glen at AMH parts he is great to deal with.
  6. Congratulations! I hope you enjoy it, it looks great!
  7. Way to go on buying it! It should be great for you restoring it.
  8. Congrats! That is a stunning car and I hope that you enjoy it for many years!
  9. RHershey


    I thought thought that it was another car that was the same color. OH shit here we go again LOL
  10. RHershey


    Check under Gullwing's sold inventory, it shows it as sold.
  11. Great looking kid and car!
  12. The check engine light flashing is not good. it is telling you that is is running or missing bad enough to do damage to your Catalytic Converter. Long trim fuel numbers is on the high side but I never look for a problem unless they are +10 or -10 (on normal cars) The short trim fuel is used to fine tune the fuel to keep the O2 sensor so they are able to go above and below 450 mill volts. Your car has a problem so the numbers for fuel trim is bound to be off. It sounds like you have a miss. Does the car buck or jerk at all? We really need the codes to see what cylinder is acting up.
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