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  1. Congrats, Allan! The CGT is a keeper.
  2. Worst stereo system of any car I've ever driven. And that includes 1980s shit boxes with FM radio. I cannot for the life of me understand how Lamborghini shipped this. It's beyond bad.
  3. Love the GT3RS, but the overages are not going to last when people figure out just how many Porsche has been pumping out...
  4. Never had an issue with ours, a 2010 model. Absolutely fantastic car. We've had it for 5 years.
  5. The 6.0 is the king. When I first got my SE from Roy (thanks!), I took it to lunch shortly thereafter. Found a note on my windscreen from a guy BEGGING to buy it. Never had that happen to any other car I've owned . The great thing about the 6.0 is that it's basically a vintage car that's also fun to drive
  6. I've owned 3 GT3s. They're really great cars, but imo they make for a worse daily driver than a regular 991S, unless you spend a MAJORITY of your time driving winding roads or you seriously intend to track it. The regular, rear-wheel drive 991S is awesome, considerably more comfortable and useable than the GT3, and imo plenty fast enough.
  7. Reminds me of something I read when starting on this board: It's Just A Car. Even a Zonda. Even a Koenigsegg. They're lovely, but they're not going to make you happy in any durable, meaningful sense of the word. They're not worth sacrificing your values or life over. If you happen to land in a position where you can enjoy exotics, wonderful! Enjoy it! But if you don't? Meh!
  8. I'm in the market at the moment. Mind me asking what msrp and final sales price was? Beautiful car.
  9. I'm curious on what deals people have been getting too. Even low-mileage 2015s seem to be a good $80k off. How much of a discount is being thrown after new 2015s? I got $50k off a brand new 2013 coupe, and thought that was a good deal. When I sold it just 7 months later, I still took a $30k+ hit
  10. Too many great tracks in the US for the major series to pick from. Miller wouldn't make my Top 10 of US tracks.
  11. Aventador has the worst sound system of any car I think I've ever driven. Seriously. As far as I'm informed, it's a problem with speaker placement and the acoustics. It can't be the components that are so shit. The sound in the Huracan isn't amazing, but it's 1000x better than the Aventador – no way Lamborghini just skimped on the parts for the big car.
  12. "A Guide to the Good Life: The Ancient Joy of Stoicism", http://www.amazon.com/Guide-Good-Life-Anci...s=the+good+life Spending all your time chasing material goods is no way to live your short life. When they're a side-effect of doing something you care about, then that's great, but otherwise fcuk it. I'd be back playing with Lambos on PlayStation any day of the week before cold calling or driving an Uber. I'd happily trade all my toys if the choice was between them and being able to continue programming. When you fantasize about what owning a Lamborghini will feel like, it seems like it's going to be the most magical thing in the world. It isn't. It just isn't. I love cars, but they're far down the ladder of things that add significant, sustained joy to living. Another book to read on happiness: "Flow", http://www.amazon.com/Flow-Psychology-Expe...p;keywords=flow
  13. Owned that orange 640 roadster for a couple of years. Never once put the top on it here in So Cal. IMO, the roadster is made for So Cal.
  14. Zero chance of it looking anything like that. Ford wants to go to Le Mans, and that kind of aero would never (ha) fly on FIA/ACO GT regulations.
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