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Found 2 results

  1. It's coming soon, the exclusive EVO RWD Spyder review. Just a little teaser from the drive....
  2. March 5. 2019, PalExpo Geneva Switzerland ... 8:30 in the morning ... eagerly awaiting the official Automobili Lamborghini SpA press conference for the 2019 Geneva International Motor Show, or the 2019GIMS, in Hall 1. Stand 1160 is massive and shows four cars in total, two covered up while the orange Huracan EVO and a satin grey metallic Urus are already visible. We all know what cars are hiding under those black satin covers, but still the first movie they show us is about the Arancio Xanto, how a day in the life of her owner evolves from going to work and taking the scenic route home over impressive mountain roads that allow some drifting … before a second movie talks about his wife owning the EVO Spyder counterpart, both movies come together when they ‘drive’ home after work, racing each other to be first … a nice detail, both cars have the same license place ‘LP 640 LB.’ At the end of the movie, the two actors unveil the Huracan EVO Spyder finished in Verde Selvans, a new four-layer green now available on the Huracan EVO range. Chairman and CEO of Automobili Lamborghini SpA walks onto the stand for the official introduction of both the Huracan EVO (which just had the dynamic unveil only a month ago) and the new Huracan EVO Spyder … safe to say that this Evolution of the original LP610-4 model will be the final ‘standard’ edition of the V10 model before a successor takes over that will probably introduce the hybrid powertrain for the entry-level Lamborghini in a few years. Back to the Huracan EVO Spyder, while this new pearl metallic green looks amazing, my attention is grabbed by the seats … this EVO Spyder shows the new lightweight carbon fiber seats, and combined with the EVO pattern on the back and seat itself, they look absolutely amazing, I was told these are more comfortable compared to the carbon fiber lightweight seats used in the previous Huracan model, and still found in the Aventador SVJ today. About the Aventador SVJ, we all know the 900 units for the Coupe have been sold out a while already, and as Stefano Domenicali mentioned during the press conference, Lamborghini was founded with a V12, so the Aventador is the current ‘Halo’ car … which is why the new Aventador SVJ Roadster was also unveiled at the 2019 GIMS, finished in a stunning Bronzo Zenas, a new matt shade, over a custom interior with the carbon fiber seats … only 800 units of the SVJ Roadster will be built, and most of those are already sold as you read this, despite the nearly US $575,000 price tag before taxes … first customer cars will be delivered during the Summer of 2019. The one model that is set to outsell all others on the stand is naturally the Urus, at the moment there is no information about a hybrid version, but we did get the message Lamborghini is planning to not only unveil the LB48H at the IAA in September, but also to come up with a surprise, and most of the automotive publications are betting this will be the Urus Hybrid … but for now we can admire a stunning, matt grey finished Urus on the stand in Geneva, fitted with just about every carbon fiber option on the exterior … and in the interior, even the rear lower diffuser is finished in a darker shade than normal, combined with satin black exhaust tips this color combination looks really awesome. One option this show car didn’t have was the Akrapovic exhaust, but fear not … I found another dark grey Urus hiding on the parking lot behind the Hall 1 that was fitted with this impressive exhaust … if you think the sound of a standard Urus is good … the thunder emitted by this Akrapovic exhaust is on another level … it might even be too much for some owners … One more car that was hiding from the general public was a matt blue finished Ad Personam Huracan EVO, on display behind a glass privacy wall, this was the VIP area on the Lamborghini Stand, and it was off-limits to press and visitors all day, open on invitation only to a select group of VIP. This was a display of what is possible when you opt for the Ad Personam on your new Lamborghini … when in fact the sky is the limit as you can choose from nearly 350 different exterior shades and a massive selection of leather and Alcantara shades … and you can even start making combinations as this matt blue Huracan EVO came with white details on the outside … it actually reminded me of the Huracan Avio at first glance. One of the main reasons I always try to visit the Geneva Motor Show is the fact you can admire some of the most famous tuners at this show too, and some of them bring their interpretation of what a Lamborghini should look like … some improve the original, some ruin it according to some people, but you have to admit they always try to make the car look different, taste is a personal matter after all. One of the first tuners to show an entire aero kit for the Lamborghini Urus was Russian based TopCar, and they also had a stand at this year’s show … with their yellow Urus on display, complete with clear carbon fiber engine cover that boasts some amazing air vents, add the new front and rear diffuser, wheel arches and vent covers in carbon fiber and you get a rather nice looking, albeit slightly different Lamborghini Urus. TopCar even offers a pair of rear wings for the Urus, one at the edge of the roof and another one to fit onto the rear hatch … the Geneva show car came with 23-inch wheels on a twisted, five-spoke design. Mansory, on the other hand showed no less than ten cars in Geneva, three of them originally made in Sant’Agata, they had the Aventador S aero kit on display, which in Mansory terms is a very mild kit while the Mansory Carbonado EVO is something completely different … taking an Aventador Roadster, Mansory replaces just about everything on this car to turn it into a Carbonado EVO, we’ve seen the Carbonado before as a Coupe, but now the EVO is a Roadster … with a plaque showing 1/1 so this might be a one of a kind Mansory in the end. On the Carbonado GT Mansory increased power to 1,250 hp, if this new EVO edition is even more powerful isn’t disclosed yet, Mansory has yet to publish the press release on this car, but I guess having that much power without a roof would be sufficient for most. But about the Mansory Venatus, another 1 of 1 that was shown in Geneva, this time taking the Lamborghini Urus onto a completely new level, if it could be removed from the original car and replaced by carbon fiber, Mansory did it, just about everything is modified on this Urus, and whether you love it or hate it, you have to admit the workmanship shown by Mansory is impressive, both on the outside and on the inside … the new carbon fiber parts all show that well-known B2 bomber pattern made by Mansory in-house, while the interior has been updated with the softest leather and boasts an innovative stitching pattern. Remember Mansory moved the start button in their Aventador models to the roof to mimic the jet fighter feeling … they did the same inside this Venatus Urus! The final Lamborghini I encountered at the Geneva Motor Show was shown in Hall 7, not usually a location to find some of the major makes or tuners, but still they sometimes show a Raging Bull, this time it was a bright yellow Lamborghini Aventador LP750 Superveloce Roadster … not bad for a stand about cleaning products. Another day at the Geneva Motor Show, perhaps not the largest venue in terms of surface, but for me personally still one of the most important car shows in Europe, and after being unable to attend since 2016, I was very happy to be able to drive to Switzerland once again … I had a great day, very tired, but happy.
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