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Whos going to save this Muira?!

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I translated the article:


"What do you think of when you hear the words Miura, Athens Hilton.

We had the opening sequence of "The Italian Job", nice holidays in Greece and "One Night in Paris" think.

This Miura S has a very interesting history. The car was a gift to the famous Greek singer (60) Stamatis Kokotas. The gift was presented by none other than Aristotele Onassis.

In the 70s, the Miura had an engine failure and was parked in the underground garage of the Hilton Hotel in Athens.

There he remained untouched was closed to the hotel for renovation work in 2003.

The hotel has been dressed up for the 2004 Olympic Games. Since he is in a new garage in Athens.

When the Miura was parked with engine failure is the engine removed and sent to Lamborghini St.####.

The owner bought more modern cars and lost over time the interest of the Miura. Since the original engine in the Lamborghini Museum is issued. The engine is of course the purchase and it will be obsolete before it again.

We assume that the Miura still has its original paint-decorated dress and love the chrome parts in the interior. We are very pleased with this submission because it is almost impossible one yet unrestored Miura to be found.

For more information or a price quote send an email to: [email protected]"


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Nothing really to rescue, car's in pretty good shape. Needs to be washed. Just locate a motor.

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How much is an engineless Miura worth? The original engine is gone, so it will be a non-matching numbers car now.

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A not matching number car is good enough for most, and will only be priced lover in the most extreme cases (as in super renovations). It is not so bad to sit on a car with no engine, than a engine and no car, since there are more engines around than engineless wagons. I know of 6 engines alone.. 2 in California, 2 in Germany, one in Norway, and one in Switzerland. And i'm quite sure there are many more. But on the subject of engineless cars=value, I can't see it being worth much over $100-120K.

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Here the story.

This car has an interesting history. It was given as a present to Stamatis

Kokotas (a famous 60's Greek singer) according to his personal testimony, from

Aristotle Onassis. Kokotas was also a race car driver. The car suffered an

engine breakdown in the mid 70's, was stored in the Hilton Athens underground

garage until the Hotel closed for reconstruction in 2003. The car was then moved

to another garage and is still there.

The engine was sent to Lamborghini St #### in order to be rebuilt. The owner

lost interest, bought new modern cars and the engine stayed there and today is

on display in the St #### Lamborghini Museum.


The car was offered for sale by London based Greek classic car dealer, but don't

get excited, he has taken a deposit. The new owner has to collect the car from

Greece and get the engine from factory (was the bill paid ?).

The asking price (apparently met ?) was 0.5m Euro ($450k, £400k).

But I KNOW restoring a Miura, even assuming the engine doesn't need anything,

will cost another 25% of the asking price, maybe more.

So it's not a bargain by any means.

It's chassis No. 3829.

Is it on Glen's registry? Shame it's behind paywall.


Meanwhile red LHD Miura S #4647 will be auctioned by RM in London on 31st



And a green LHD one #3929 is on sale by London dealer. I believe it's the one

recently restored by Colin Clarke and sold privately (asking price £400k).


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