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Koenigsegg Agera HH in LP family?

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That is just unbelievable! Congrats!! Please give us a detailed write up after you have put a few miles under your belt. This a dream car of mine that I will probably never have :(


Enjoy :)

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Just a quick shot of the ass.




Quick notes:


1) I've never felt such savage power. In 200 miles of driving, I've maybe been on the full throttle for a total of 7 seconds. It's like riding an atom bomb.


2) Craftsmanship is second to none. Carbon fiber work, paint work, interior, stitching, leathers. Everything is on par with the very best in the business (Pagani, Bugatti et al).


3) Best single-clutch transmission I've driven so far. No judder on pulling away, smooth as butter when rolling, fast and hard when on full attack.


4) Laughable view out the rear mirror. I imagine this is probably what a Countach is like? It's like a tiny 1x1 square!


5) Incredible ride quality. It's very smooth. Helped, I'm sure, but the incredibly low unsprung weight. The carbon fiber wheels weigh just 9 pounds each!


6) Sound on full throttle is awesome (but not as good as Zonda on full throttle).


7) Short nose overhang and lift system makes it very practical for getting in and out everywhere. I've already taken some very steep drive-way entries. No problem.


That's it for now.

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