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Canadians, which online broker/trading platform?


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OK my post has 2 parts to it. First I wanted to ask about online brokers and people's experiences with them, and second about after-hours trading in general. Anyone have experience with guys like Virtual Brokers, Qtrade, Questrade, or the big banks' platforms? Recommendations? Warnings?


Things I am looking for are:


1) reasonable cost

2) research

3) ease of use

4) customer service



As for the second point of discussion, I've been wanting to do something after work hours and between trading and starting my own business, I decided on trading as it would likely be less time consuming (though I intent on doing as much research as possible). I also feel like I can better manage risk than compared to my own business. Further to that, I think the research I will do on will lend itself well to my career goal of moving into wealth management and portfolio management. Does anyone do (or know of someone who does) after-hours trading? What are the major challenges compared to regular day trading? Any advantages?





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