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F1 2015

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Anyone planning on going to the Abu Dhabi race in November? I am hoping to take 2 weeks off around the race and thanksgiving and attend the race with some friends. If you find yourself in the UAE let me know and I will extend you an invite for thanksgiving dinner at our place.

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Big development today.


Red Bull have requested a split from Renault.

Mercedes board have declined to supply Red Bull with engines.

That leaves two suppliers


Honda - looking at McLaren I am not even sure they are an option.

Ferrari - They supply Red Bull's baby team, so they would have two aero packages and one engine between four cars.


It really has gone to pot for them.



McLaren and Button. Contract wrangle time.

This is a mess http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/formula1/


nsiders say Button's contract for 2016 guarantees him a pay rise of $5m (£3.3m), after he took a $5m pay cut to $10m (£6.6m) to stay with the team this year. Alonso is earning $40m (£26.2m) a year.


McLaren have been without a title sponsor for two years, there is no obvious prospect of them finding one for next year and there have been reports they are to lose substantial backing from drinks giant Diageo next season.


In addition, they are set to lose about $20m (£13.1m) in prize money because of their poor form this season following their switch to Honda engines.


They lie ninth in the constructors' championship, which defines pay-outs to teams, after finishing fifth last season.


That means they face a cash shortfall that might make it harder to afford Button's salary.


If they try to renegotiate Button's salary, McLaren would be in breach of contract, which would mean the driver could leave if he chose to.

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Jenson Button looks back at 15 years in Formula 1


Sources close to Button say he would prefer to stay at McLaren, as he is enjoying testing himself against Alonso, with whom he has been closely matched this season.


Button is doing well against Alonso, better than I thought in that dog of a car.

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I believe the Toro Rosso cars are currently running a Renault engine as well, so would they need to find a new engine supplier?


It was suggested during this past weekends coverage of the Italian grand prix that the cut off date for ordering engines for next season would have been back in May of this year. Could Ferrari build enough engines in time?


I would assume that Honda was planning to pick up another customer for their power units (prior to this seasons fiasco) so they might be the only team with the capacity to supply another team at this stage. Plus adding 2 or even 4 power unit customers might help with the development.



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