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06-08 Range Rovers? Run?

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MDX all the way. I have an 07 fully loaded and it is a tank. The new 15s are serious business and if you aren't worried about the badge you won't get more for your money than with the Acura.

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Wow, thanks to eveyone for the replies. Lots of great information and humour too. Cheers.




To answer your question, and to be more specific around price, I am looking at somethimg in the $35,000 range.


Also on the list are (and would be newer than 06-08):



Infiniti FX

Acura MDX

Audi Q5

Benz ML500

Toyota 4Runner


No kids yet and it really is just to beat around town and head to the mountains with gear and friends... and the dog (large retriever). I am going to start test driving likely next weekend. Thanks again everyone.


You should at least drive a '10-'11 LR4. They're mechanically the same as the RRS and have a really smooth 375hp/375tq Jaguar sourced V8, nice interior, a real 3rd row that will seat two adults if you ever need it, and are super-easy to park, etc. (the turning radius is shocking--supposedly smaller than a Honda Accord).


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