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Prescriptrion from Canada ti US


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In 2000, when the CDN dollar was around $1.6 to the US, i was one of the originators of CDN internet pharmacies providing US customers with cheaper CDN medications there were and are identical to the US product.

Then, the CDN dollar kept on rising and Bush introduced medicare, so by 2009 it was no longer a thriving business and i shut it down.

The CDN dollar is now on a free fall and i dont' see an end in sight, any time soon anyway. I am going to revive the concept and the business model, the infrastructure is in place, operations are ready to go.

All i need to find brokers who can enlist new clients.

If anyone is interested and think they can market the idea, and believe me, it does not need that much coercing as it well known to most that medications are way cheaper in Canada, pleAse PM ME , I WILL WALK YOU THROUGH IT, IT WILL BE QUITE LUCRATIVE.


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