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FS: Aventador LNB Exhaust

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Pics ..still for sale


This is the storey



A local guy to me was putting his car back to stock to sell and I wanted to buy the capristo test pipes but he would only sell as a package deal. So I purchased both muffler and test pipes for a decent price .


I already had the factory race exhaust on my car so I have no need for the muffler .


I'm looking to get around 2k for it if anyone is interested . It's listed online new for 6-8k everywhere I have looked. So this is a great deal.


Any questions or interest just pm me





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What does your car sound like with race exhaust and test pipes?


Loud as fcuk haha.


But once the car really warms up it sounds very refined and it's a great sound .


I heard a car with test pipes and a different aftermarket exhaust and it didn't sound nearly as refined /lambo sound . It was just loud and rough , I find the factory race exhaust keeps the v12 note I wanted and the test pipes just add loudness to it and some extra fire lol.


Can't recommend it enough. If your in van next week or for the super car weekend in September you can hear it.



I also gained a lot of power with this combo. Added 31AWHP peak and 40AWHP around 5500 rpm


This is with no tune at all.



This doesn't do the exhaust justice as I was filming from a different room behind glass but you can tell it still has a nice refined sound .


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