Underground Racing Stage III 2008 Gallardo Spyder For sale

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I'm selling my 2008 UGR Twin Turbo Gallardo. The absolute only reason I'm selling it is because I bought a Twin Turbo Huracan. I've put 8k miles on the car in the last 12 months with absolutely zero issue. This is a Stage III car that makes 1000 whp on pump and 1250whp on race gas (I've never ran race gas through it). It also comes with receipts for their $49k billet transmission upgrade. The car itself has around 29k miles and that will go up as the fall weather comes into play. It's hard to keep my hands off this car. It drives like stock until you lay into the throttle as most of you know and it's the best sounding car I've ever heard! There's no stories to this car. For questions please don't hesitate to text me at 405-202-4120. If you call me it will forward to my office which is my landscape company. Please text me and I can call you back immediately unless I'm in a meeting and I'll call you back as soon as possible. PPI's can be had at buyers expense. This car is incredible. Receipts are around $155k. Asking $139k obo.

















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Damn looks awesome! and its local to me also, everything but the red inserts is totally on-point, its crazy how styling changes and just 10 years ago I would of loved the red inserts now it just doesnt do it for me.


Good luck with with the sale, priced nicely

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Great buy here.  And the grigio over black/red is sick.  GLWS!

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I've ridden in, and photographed this car. Absolutely stunning! The new wheels do look better than the mesh ones it had at the time. The power is breath taking. 

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23 hours ago, wooosh said:

How many miles on the build ...

Given the trans upgrades ... What else (if anything) is required to make it a 1R (1500 whp) ... 

Honestly, that would be a Kevin question. I asked him the same, but he said why not just leave it a Stage 3 keeping it bulletproof. I agreed. I asked him what the most miles he's seen on a UGR build and he said 60k miles. These things are incredible! Approx 17k miles on this build and it hasn't skipped a beat!

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