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On 12/8/2018 at 3:14 PM, StoleIt said:

I got to hang out with Doug for a while at Monterey this year. I'm friends with his "protege" Hoovie from back when I lived in Kansas. Doug was super nice and super down to earth.

That said, I enjoy his reviews and Hoovie does a good job on the other end of the serious spectrum.

Yes  hoovie  . doug. Legit street cars. Harry. Make good videos   . Others out there I’m sure as well   . But as others have mentioned it’s all about making $ from clicks now  . Hoovies and Doug serve that niche, like back in the day how you cracked open a magazine at the grocery store to see and learn about a car you loved . Those are the videos they make  interesting  , informative , about the car . Go to Chris Harris or Tiff for performance  . Clarkson for entertainment  . The rest for boredom . 

Testshoot, would love to read that topic if you ever make it  . 

And IMO Tiff was my favorite reviewer. 5th gear tried to create a digital presence but Just never got there  . 

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