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For those of you who follow Lamborghini motorsports, you'll be interested to see a new face join the fray for the factory team in 2019.

Dane Dennis Lind will join Mirko Bortolotti, Andrea Caldarelli, Marco Mapelli, Giovanni Venturini, Phil Keen and Frank Perera.

Lind worked his way through the Young Driver program of Squadra Corse with his debut in 2016. That year he won, the European world title for Super Trofeo, and then joined the Junior GT3 Program.

The boy has some chops, that's for sure. Head of Lamborghini Motorsport Giorgio Sanna said, "The arrival of Dennis in our factory squad is not only a demonstration of his qualities as a driver and a young man but is also proof that our dedicated young driver programs contribute to their professional growth. And in 2019 Dennis will have the opportunity to compete in the Blancpain Endurance Series in Europe".


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Thanks for that Destructo,

Good kid and great news for him!  Love how they are developing these young drivers .  Looking back, I think that Ferruccio would be proud of how his marque has evolved and of what they've become.



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