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Got My Lambo Wrapped Satin Pearl White @ Protective Film Solutions *VIDEO*

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What's up guys... I have not had my Huracan in the garage for most of 2019 because I shipped it out to California to get supercharged at VF Engineering and a new wrap at PFS.  

I had to be out in Cali for work, so I figured I would drop in on PFS and VF to check out the car and get some video footage etc.

In this video I show the wrap, and in some upcoming videos I show the supercharger and talk to Nik at VF.

As for how they did on the wrap.  I'd say it was 95% good.  Some details were missed that I'll get into later.

Love to share this kind of stuff.  Check it out...



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16 hours ago, willmotivation said:

Close 650 to 700 awhp on mustang dyno... 

THanks for fixing the video link.  Anything special I have to do to get it right?

No problem. Use the share link,m for posting. When you paste it in the window, give it like 2-3 seconds and  resize and auto format it into the text box for our site. 

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Very nice huracan - congrats. Looks perfect in satin pearl white!

What is the original color?  

(If you mention in video - sorry - didn’t watch the entire thing.)

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