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What’s a good trans jack/stand to use with the 4post lift

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This is a  bit off topic, but it’s a question for those of you who do your own work. Mods if this is not in the correct section please move it as you see fit.

The slave cylinder’s been leaking slowly for a while on the viper and am thinking of replacing it soon. I’ll be doing the work on a 4post lift.

For those of you who work on your own cars on a lift, what kind of jack/stand do you use to support the transmission and slide it back? Anything in particular I should look for while shopping for one?

Thank you in advance.

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I'd think a standard transmission jack would be sufficient unless you're running into clearance issues on your lift. I've worked with the ones that had additional slideable lifts and drip trays that would get in the way with some of that work.


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