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Which News Websites Should I Follow?

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Sometimes, I am chatting with my friends and they are discussing a recent news that are going in the world and I am not aware of these news at all so I feel embarrassed in front of them all. So, I decided to follow some of the best news websites to stay myself up-to-date. I researched for it and shortlisted a few websites. These are:


The Verge

NY Times

The Guardian

Observer Desk

Note: Observer Desk is a newbie in the news industry and as compared to these websites but they keep updated their websites.

Need your suggestions - which websites should I follow or which one should I not?

Thanks in advance!

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A lot depends on what you want out of your news.

Do you want objective truth and minimal bias, or are you looking for an echo chamber to support your belief system?

If you lean left. you'll find the ones you listed that will reinforce that belief set fairly well.

If you are looking for right-leaning you'll want to read things like the following:

One American News Network

Breitbart News

So far what I've seen out of The Epoch Times, they are the best when it comes to the news they offer and the articles produced in regard to facts, information and truth. Some top quality work from this publication, I'd highly recommend them.

The Epoch Times

But at the end of the day, the traditional news outlets are not and should not be the end all be all for being informed. I find that far more breaking stories and unfiltered news stories come from various social media channels. As much as I detest social media and the affect it has on society, there is some incredible value for having direct access to a story without the interruption or bias of a paid journalist. or it's publication.

All things to consider. In a way, "We are the news now." So take that into consideration. 

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