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Gagues issue: All needles moving to max position


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Thanks for checking this question out guys ,


when ignition is turned to position 1 or engine is started, all needles on all gauges (excluding Tach and speedometer )start to sweep very slowly from zero position to max position in Unisom. this takes takes 10 to 15 minutes.

The Tach needle sweeps quickly to the past max position and stays there.

Speedometer does nothing, and does nor work when driving. 

if ignition is switched off and on again, needles resume where the left off, tach sweeps again.

if ignition switched off for an hour or so, the needles will start from zero positions again.

everything in the car is working.

Its a 2002 Murcielago with 6 speed.

Checked so far:
all fuses

replaced battery

reset gauges as per post on lambotalk

checked grounds and cleaned.

removed cluster to check connections visually, including disconnecting and reconnecting.


work done around the time this happened;

tried led brake light bulbs but they were flashing so re installed oem

cleaning of area around front lift block









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