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Lamborghini Movie

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I watched it the other day, and stumbled upon on it, really. I figure others might have not known it was out, I know I didn't.  It's an ok movie, but I did enjoy the atmosphere of it. as well as the directing. As far as one of the car themed movies, it's one of the better. I think it could've benefited from just being longer to see more development in the history of the marque, as well as being longer to have more dialog. Might have just not have had the funding for it though. I was hoping to see Balboni do a cameo of some sort though.

I did see a scene that I'm pretty sure was LP.com inspired. It was hilarious! I'd recommend checking it out as a good way to wind down the day though.

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In all honesty, the concept of the film was good; the actors were rather good and the cinematography was great.  However, the inaccuracy of the details are horrendous!  Let's start at the very beginning: Ferruccio playing with the 2 car models.  Why would he be playing with an US-spec'd Countach model?  Of all the models that Enzo could have driven, the film depcited him driving a Mondial?  Everyone knew the Mondial was likely the worst Ferrari made in the last 50 years!  The "Lamborghini" V12 engine shown was actually a Ferrari engine!   Any serious Lamborghini fan can spot the differences on the heads.  The first model that Lamborghini shown in Geneva was the 350GTV (with hidden/flipping headlights); the movie showed a 350GT instead (opended single-lens per side eliptical headlights).  The 350GT was Lamborghini's first production model; not the very first model that premiered in Geneva.  Obviously, no one in the film's production team knew anything about Italian super sports cars.  I also agree that the film ended somewhat abruptly.  It's almost as it it was given a time limit and with minutes left, they just threw everything together and pull the curtains!  And there is also one very obvious irony from the movie title: Lamborghini: The Man Behind the Legend.  Ferruccio waa depicted negatively throughout the film and towards the end, he was even written as a coward/failure (he didn't want to continue the race with Enzo).  So how was he a legend?  Seems like Enzo was more of a legend than Ferruccio which is in conflict with the title and theme of the movie. :eusa_wall:

From conception to actual release, it took several years and a few cast changes took place.  So it was likely running out of time and money and, again, no one within the team knew anything about Lamborghini's and Ferrari's.  Quite suprising that Tornino actually endorsed the film; perhaps it's his way of demonizing his father which he obviously wasn't too fond of.  And btw, Automobili Lamborghini SpA had actually released a memo to its dealers that this film is not to be used as advertising or marketing tools of any sort and Lambo HQ has no affiliation with the film and will not endorsing it in anyway whatsoever.

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