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  1. gallardodude

    Titanium X Pipe vs OEM exhaust

    Cats are still there
  2. gallardodude

    Titanium X Pipe vs OEM exhaust

    Cata are still there just straight Titanium X pipe no cels either
  3. gallardodude

    Quick Jack for your Gallardo

    If you are in the market for a lift check out this video on how i lift my Gallardo with Quickjack:
  4. For folks who wants to do their own oil change on pre LP Gallardo. Watch this step by step video:
  5. gallardodude

    Titanium X Pipe vs OEM exhaust

    Check out my new Titanium X Pipe exhaust
  6. Does anyone know where I can download a copy of the Lambo Gallardo Factory Service Repair Manual? I saw one on embay and cost is $76 for a PDF format copy. I really like to buy the actual manual so can someone please tell me where I can buy a copy?
  7. gallardodude

    ODBII Scanner for Gallardo?

    I just purchased Performance Tool W2976 OBD2 Scanner today for my 2008 Gallardo for $27 at Pepboys. It was super easy to use and unfortunately I have an error code P1311 for CEL 1-5. I cleared the error code and the CEL went away for now. Anyways heres the link for the scanner at Amazon: If you guys have a Pepboys nearby its on sales now for $24.95.
  8. gallardodude

    Check Engine 1-5 Error Code P1311

    Ok so after I completed an oil change (I followed the proper steps to change the oil) I went out on a quick spirited drive. After I returned my check engine 1-5 light came on. Then I use my OBD2 Scanner and the only code that came up is P1311. I've done some research on the forums and I guess EVERY Gallardo owner have experienced this error code at one point of their ownership. So can someone chime some light on this error code and tell me what I can do to fix this problem? I went ahead and erased the code and for now its cleared but I know after a few drive I am sure the same CEL 1-5 will come on again. I will report back to let you guys know if the CEL light will come back on after a few drive. On the LamboWeb theres a chart with all the error code translation and under P1311 its states its "Functional Check" I have no idea what Functional Check means but many people who have experienced this error code all said its not a big problem. So anyone who experienced this please let me know what I can do to fix it. Much appreciate it!
  9. gallardodude

    ODBII Scanner for Gallardo?

    Colorinc: Your link is not working so which actron model did you pirchase for your Gallardo? Also what year is your G? I heard the aftermarlet OBD scanners can make the G emgine go into limp mode do you ever have any problems using your Actron scanner on your G?