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  3. It's coming soon, the exclusive EVO RWD Spyder review. Just a little teaser from the drive....
  4. No, i think pictures should be posted up indeed and as quickly as possible!
  5. Last week
  6. You are right, that black piece of trim is not supposed to be gloss. I looked at a photo before taking the car in (attached) and it is more of a satin appearance rather than gloss. Before using some restorer on it maybe I will try a bit of wax & see what happens. I think whatever they used to wash the car tends to strip it since the surface wasn't slick when I got it back.
  7. The top of this panel is scratched from the previous owner and needs to be fixed and painted again. Ideally don't want to take entire car if avoidable. I already have the door cards off for strut replacement so figured this may be a good time to tackle this project as well. PS. I'm only needing to remove the panel which attaches to the door, not the larger one which travels back to the intakes. PS#2. I already have the blue leather piece trim piece off on the inside and there are no holes or screws/bolts to access or remove. This is why i'm thinking more needs to come off to re
  8. Something like Meguiar's Ultimate Black Plastic Restorer will work I think, but it might become too shiny. Same happens with product to put on the sidewall of tires ... some make them just glossy black, way too much shine.
  9. I wonder how much the hood tie-down option is and if you can get them in other colors
  10. Anyone know how to treat this dark trim, for instance if it should be polished and or waxed? Every time I take my car in for service the preference is to wash the car and this time this black trim came back kind of dull gray and kind of spotty. I forgot exactly what it looked like before, but I think it was darker and definitely not spotty. Hate to be fussy but I just don't want to be throwing something on there that I shouldn't because I know some trim on cars is meant to be flat or satin. Thanks.
  11. Man that light bar is hot! Makes me think of all the 90s pickups with them. Cant really tell anything else. Hope its nice!
  12. Ha, this is soooooo random. I'm trying to upscale a paper model to life size so that I don't have to buy one of those $7-8k duraflex shells. Oh.. by the way, yes. I'm making an Aventador replica. I'm gonna fiberglass the final product and put it on a 2000 Porsche Boxster. I'll upload pictures of the progress on my other topic page. But yeah, if anyone knows of a highly detailed SV or SVJ model, please let me know.
  13. So.. I'm starting a personal project. Life-sized Aventador from Cardboard. I'm starting with VisualSpicer's papercraft model, and I will then scale it up to life size. I'm most likely going to fiberglass it and them put it on an old Boxster. It should be cool. I'm open to questions. Here's the paper one i'll be basing the big thing off of.
  14. Hey, y'all. This is the thread for all things cardboard.
  15. I honestly think it would be OK as long as you didn't add any actual badges or Lamborghini insignia.... For example, the paper model in the above would be fine to sell since it isn't really affiliated with Lamborghini ( no badges, no wording ). Awesome model, by the way.
  16. Oh man, they just caused my wheels to be worth less. Talk about a depreciation hit!
  17. Mark my words...I’m late to the game but DEFI will change banking forever. I agree with you. My little research shows this a European company and some rumors online say tax practices may be questioned despite auditing. Look at blockfi which is very similar and I can’t wrap my head around them if they are riskier than other exchanges or not. Blockfi appears to be backed by major crypto players but I found a dead page on the website when I clicked on the contact button this week, scary. anyone can borrow against crypto without any credit or any effort, and it’s at reasonable rates.
  18. Does it have any shop open in Los Angeles? I need a 3 parts to be exact and looking for them. I tried it everywhere but they are expensive. I need them in affordable prices. By the way - what are the maintaining costs of your ferrari? and do you drive it often? ____________________________________________________ Custom Bottled Water
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  20. nobody likes the SLR? It's so beautiful, especially in the right colors, one of the most physically stunning cars in person, im lucky I get to gawk at one of the rarest color ones ever made, so im biased
  21. https://www.eurospares.co.uk/search?partNumber=410807681 they often have used parts as well if you are prepared to wait, uk based
  22. Is that stud where the shroud attaches for air pipe when driving and cooling off the alternator?
  23. Scuderiacarparts.com can help but its new. Also, here on Ebay.. Did you search the part number at all? Is this one it? https://www.ebay.com/itm/OEM-Original-Lamborghini-Murcielago-front-bumper-grill-left-410807681/143944332702?epid=1026895918&hash=item2183c0359e:g:~gcAAOSwBkBgI-DW
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