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  2. We've all seen the Blu Uranus by now ... how about some other options: Clear carbon fiber body on a red interior with black wheels: I rather like Bianco Canopus ... this time on a green interior, still black wheels But the classic Giallo looks nice too, with a color coded interior and titanium wheels this time:
  3. Today
  4. I could easily prattle on for hours about how this is the most stunning car they have done in a long time. No need. The above says it all. I prefer the tin top version though. Just.
  5. Does anyone know anyone who rebuilds guages?
  6. Copy of the Press Release: Lamborghini Sian Roadster_EN[3].pdf
  7. You might be able to get the oil temp reading with a Bluetooth OBD II reader and see if it's the gauge or sensor that has a problem. Guessing gage since it should reset when the car is powered off.
  8. DoctaM3

    photo shoot

    Wow, those rolling shots. I think I found some new wallpapers.
  9. I agree. We shall see how "different" this one is.
  10. Yes, I know, it's probably easier to find peace on earth but on the slightest chance of possibility, after a Murcielago Roadster Hardtop, if anyone has leads that'd be appreciated, thanks!
  11. I bought my current 2007 LP640 in 2016 and am working in restoring some items back to stock or close to stock. Just got the intakes restored to crinkle paint after they had been painted first yellow and then high gloss black. One of the two previous owners likely spent a grip of dough at a car stereo shop - changed the factory KENWOOD head unit to Alpine with backup camera - along with amps (and too much to list) plus a subwoofer behind the passenger seat. The amps and other gear in the front bonnet took up a lot of luggage space - if I can find pics of a with and without I will post later. Probably 4 or 5 inches of the front bonnet used for amps that did not provide any better sound and probably removed over 50 lbs of superfluous stuff. Josh @ Veloce Motorsports spent quite of bit of time removing the amps, subwoofer and a rats nest of wires. Afterward - to me at least - the stereo sounded the same. I am currently looking for a KENWOOD stereo that is either stock or a suitable newer generation replacement (as one would think technology has come a long way since the 2007 model year and the factory stereo was likely design years earlier). Not that I talk on the phone much - if at all - while driving (hard to hear with the Kreissieg exhaust), however, Bluetooth would be great. Any suggestions are appreciated.
  12. Can anyone shed some light on a Novitec Center Lock Kit for a Aventador. Has anyone actually purchased a kit and had it installed, and put some miles on it. How does it hold up? Quality? Thanks
  13. Well, the problem seems to be a sticking gauge or the temp sensor is bad. Found the gauge sitting like this after a week of the car sitting.
  14. Yesterday
  15. Let's hope they offer a full carbon fiber body on the Lamborghini Sian Roadster ... even with tinted CF
  16. Last week
  17. Luckydaff

    photo shoot

    I had the opportunity a few months back to shoot my friends GT. His is the only one in Sweden and it is orange and #19/80. Here are a few pics I took for him.
  18. megachad

    photo shoot

    Thanks man Thank you! I will post them here of course!! Thank you
  19. DoctaM3

    photo shoot

    Love the spots. Where will the photos be posted. I might need to update a wallpaper or two (asking for a friend )
  20. Hi! I think i found something. As mentioned earlier, i think that the 12VDC Signal does not reach the valve and that there was some manipulation going on. So i had a look under the driverside rear backlight and found a "random" disconnected cable. I think this was used before to get 12VDC from the lights (was not able to remove the whole light yet because i did not want do take off the wheel etc.) and i think that there maybe was a remote controlling unit for the valve installed and then removed later on before the purchase (?). So my thesis is that the cable to the solenoid was disconnected somewhere near that point just before it enters the bigger cable hose collecting different cables on the way to the ECU (sorry for my english... understandable? ). I isolated the cable now correctly to avoid any damage. Will keep you updated if i find the solution by myself or have it fixed by a professional dealership. Btw the metal and the rear bumper really do not look very great...
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  22. That seems hot. Should be in the middle of the dial.
  23. sl55

    photo shoot

    Wow, looks insane.
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