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  2. 1 Trillion buckaroos as of today. I think this is officially a 100-bagger since this conversation began.
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  4. Yeeeepp ... Ten years of waiting to experience this. And now its cancelled. That really sucks! I know a lot of cars have already landed in Italy so it will be a massive headache for the owners. I wonder if Lambo will pay back the cost of transport or JUST the entry fee ...? Maybe they can bunch up the Polo Storico Event in September with this one and make it more like 50th was? Any way its very sad and I am stuck with booked tickets and hotels and all that. So I am leaving for Bologna in a few hours time.
  5. Well, it looks like Automobili Lamborghini had decided to cancel the 60th Giro citing the flooding disaster in Italy!
  6. For a car that was initially supposed to be all preconfigured, ive seen a lot of spy shots in some wild colors that I wouldnt think to be preconfig colors, like the gold color from the 01 Diablo SE. And that blue color that is almost like the old Mustang Cobra Mystic Purple that changes colors.
  7. I confirmed my preconfig spec the other day. Delivery is expected in December.
  8. think i'll change the rims to the diamond cut with black...
  9. I spoke to Shmee150 last night and he told me there will be at least one Reventon and multiple Countach attending the event (and more). That sounds interesting imo. If someone joins with a Veneno then my life is complete
  10. I just turned 39 and am starting work on a business project so 32 is not old at all! But get your health in order, you want to stay healthy, that is definitely something you do not want to let slip. Due to bad luck in life and an untreated disability for awhile, I wasn't able to even start getting my life together until 32. Have you considered maybe a trade school of some type? I am in machining, a lot of shops will give you a steady job and train you, it depends. Maybe there is some type of financial aid you could get for nursing education? Do you have military benefits you could use?
  11. This is downtown Sant'Agata There are a lot videos and photos of Lambos parked there ! Eg pan widgetspan widgetspan widget
  12. I am still selling these if anyone needs any. You can email me at [email protected]
  13. Sorry for late response here..... I have some shots from the Revuelto event on the 29th of March I can upload here, but didn't take anything inside the museum unfortunately as it was late after the event. The media pics very much capture the cars they have in there, except possibly that Urraco on the main floor.
  14. JImmy Butler. Sup dudes
  15. It proves the very casual nature of most of society. Before social media, all we had were forums. Hell, before forums, we had email lists like Ferrari List and Lamborghini List....circa late '90s to early '00s. I believe they're still around mostly because the community forged back then was quite small and strong, and unlike forums, NOT anonymous. Social media is fun, but is an awful place to hold real conversations, IMHO. There's no long term organization to the conversations, and there's less sense of an actual community as opposed to a bunch of strangers talking about cars, with maybe more annoying personalities on average. It was fun while it lasted, glad to have the friends I made........like everything else, every good thing must come to an end.
  16. Congrats Tommy!! I too finally made it out to Sant'#### Bolognese.......was a real treat! Where's this pic above taken?
  17. TTz just speccd his in Oz. 1.33mil Rosso Efesto with all the carbon.
  18. The exhibits at Turin are awesome, such a great Museum ! White SV is quite something but the SE30 is my dream car, the one I had poster of. It's a stupid car, way too low, way too large, confort is minimalist... I love it ! Also, there is an orange Murci SV at the Lambo Museum, only Diablo on display is a GT. This, to me, is what the museum is lacking : more models, prototypes and concepts. We know they have them, they were once exposed, like the Miura Concept, P132, Estoque...
  19. The white Murcielago 670 SV though
  20. I agree but love what they have done with the Museo and the layout. Flushed with cash so AL is spending it.
  21. When did you go? Get any pictures? I love the media shots, but I'd rather see someone's personal photos. Gives a better authentic experience.
  22. How cool! How were the exhibits? Their upcoming Golden Age of Rally looks awesome!
  23. I didn't take much as there are not much to see really, BUT just the day before this I fulfilled another dream This SE30 #35 is sitting next to the toilets at the Turin Automobile Museum, if the wife didn't go, then I would not have seen it !
  24. ... You know ! I lived most of my life a few jours from this place. Today I finally made the trip, 30 years after falling in love with this brand
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