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  2. Thanks for the suggestion rhyno. I looked into VelocityAP but unfortunately they don't have a reseller nearby to me. I have locked in the DMS Automotive tune which is getting applied tomorrow. It'll be interesting to see how it feels post the upgrade - an extra 150 Nm is reasonably significant so I expect the power will hit quite a bit harder.
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  4. Its really kind of sad. I probably checked this forum daily for over 10 years.
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  6. We need someone to pick a fight with another forum like the old days. But are any forums very active any more?
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  8. sl55

    Ordered a 2022 Urus

    Congrats and the spec looks amazing.
  9. It’s just so hard to use now. We’re all too old. It was so simple in the old days to hit a button and see all the new posts sorted by thread. Favorite thread is still Fortis house build.
  10. Unfortunately It won’t arrive until this winter!
  11. Congrats from Edmonton on the Urus! Hope to see it out and about when I'm in K-town this summer house hunting.
  12. The Glory days of LamboPower are over unfortunately. This was the greatest place to get advice on Lambo's, travel, new cities, etc. Miss those old days.
  13. lets try pink!!!!! Allan would like it !!
  14. Hey all, With the forum a bit quiet, I want to throw up a few photos of Alex's SV on here to share with the rest of you Lambo lovers. Any thoughts on wheel color choice he should go with? Pink? Rainbow?!
  15. DoctaM3

    Huracán STO

    I agree with you on the Performante. On track, its a weapon and just a blast. Equally as fun are canyon runs in the Perf. I love the Aventador, even SVJ even more, but it is a more difficult car to drive and to handle in the canyons--but maybe more fun (rewarding) when you are finished. I still walk away going "wow." It all about what & how you use them. I smile with either one.
  16. Update: Here is and IMO the easiest way to do this... Thanks for the info on removing and disassembling the mirror... made it much easier to figure out. 1) Remove and disassemble the mirrors to remove the motor as mentioned in this thread. 2) Go on to Gruven and purchase the $229.99 (x2) price for left and right mirrors using the link in this thread. Titled on Gruven is (Strengthened Spur Gear for 2007+ GM Trucks Folding Mirror Assembly). 3) Email [email protected] and include your invoice number so they don't ship the actual parts to you and inform him what car you
  17. I have always thought how amazing Huracan is.. but looking at the pictures for the reveal.. UGH. Beautiful.
  18. rhyno

    Ordered a 2022 Urus

    I went with 21" wheels and I will put winter tires on them. I will buy a set of 23 or 24" aftermarket wheels for summer use. I agree with you about the silver bits, I might wrap them orange or body color. I will wait and see once the truck arrives.
  19. Hey, Guys. Thanks for the responses. Damn, I was really hoping for something more like "You idiot, we're all over here <insert site or social media platform> now. C'mon over!" Bummer.
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  21. topjay

    Ordered a 2022 Urus

    That will look great, Personally i would black out the silver bits when it arrives and black mirrors Are those the winter 21'' wheels or a new style? A few people have said the 23'' are not suited to road use unless you have very good flat roads. I think they are just focusing on standard production and don't really want to do anything else as they are selling well.
  22. rhyno

    Ordered a 2022 Urus

    I have not seen one in person yet in this color, I have seen two on social media. I asked for orange seatbelts, orange steering wheel and Blu Tinia exterior color and they said NO to all three requests! I have no idea why
  23. Yikes. That would be no bueno.
  24. Cant wait to see this one once you take delivery. I dont believe ive seen a blue cepheus Urus yet. Any reason they wouldnt let you choose your SV color? Just not allowing out of range pics or something?
  25. i too still check in daily, but with so little content to comment on, my visits are normally short.
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