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  2. Thanks guy for your reply. Actually this is stock exhaust on my car. I'll keep you informed about whats happened with this problem.
  3. Hello Group, first time posting but need some help. My A/C went out in my 2008 Gallardo Spyder. We switched out the A/C Compressor and Drier with brand new ones, recharged the system and it still will not blow out any cold air. The air went out the same time my back-up camera stopped working. Could this be a coincidence or are they possibly related. The car only has 9k miles on it and I am not sure why I am experiencing so many issues all of a sudden. Does anyone have any ideas at all??
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  5. Hello I hope that someone can answer this question how do I load the correct bin off the Lara 7 to flash the egear back to factory, my battery went dead due to bad started and now after recharge now I get first and second gear but in order to go further I have to put in neutral than paddle up .... it needs reprogrammed thanks, I’m still looking to get the last cable that goes from the actia basic Xs to the car, I do have the one with the serial part that goes into the actia but I need the last one that plugs into the other end of the serial which looks like an obd2 female than goes into the car thank you much
  6. I am pretty introverted. I would not buy a Lambo for attention-garnering but for the performance and joy of driving it. Do not assume that being introverted means a person who is shy and only will drive a four-cylinder Honda Civic.
  7. I would say sort of. Obama did quite a few anti-gun things with Operation Choke Point, the banning of surplus M1 Garands from South Korea, the making it where certain SS recipients would lose their gun rights, forcing ITAR on gunsmiths, trying to label gunsmiths as regulatory-wise the same as gun manufacturers, etc...Trump has undone much of this. On guns, he did ban bump stocks, but IMO that is indirectly an aid to gun people, because it is hard to say that automatic fire weapons are heavily regulated when you can take an AR-15 and put a bump-stock on it and get a very similar result. But yes, he has to (unfortunately) be watched closely on gun rights. One thing he HAS done to help gun rights however is his SCOTUS appointments and putting conservative (and hence likely much more 2A-friendly) justices on the various lower courts. I think he does mean it when he says he is pro-2A, I think the problem is that he is one who doesn't understand the issue very well and thinks that what constitutes a lot of "reasonable" gun control is okay when it is not. I don't think he is one who pushes for "reasonable" gun control as a stepping stone to banning guns over time.
  8. i8 is the worst car i have owned. Ever.
  9. I have an exhaust on my 670SV and have had a check engine light for my whole ownership and don’t think anybody can get rid of it. Murci’s are amazing cars but a real pain in the ass, lots of Maintance kind of like a supermodel. Enjoy your new ride!
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  11. Great looking car, love that 670 style. Get the codes read and see what it is or have someone do it and let us know
  12. Congrats on the Murcielago! Make sure you keep it on a battery tender. If the battery is a little low it will also through check engine light.
  13. Get a code reader, most likely it's nothing. From what I understand it's pretty common for these cars to throw random misfire codes if you have an aftermarket exhaust.
  14. i have not seen a luminous wrap before, so I was wondering if it was an EL panel or Lumilor paint
  15. Hello everyone, Julien, from Switzerland (with not perfect English sorry). Just bought this used LP640 with SV kit. This is my first Lambo so your forum is a real help for me. I've started some modification. First, yes i Know you don't ride a Murci to hear music, but, the oem Kenwood is….non acceptable for me, so the kenwood ddx9904s will be the new radio I've just bought black Chrome Hercule Wheels (us seller) that i've just received. Some little scratch on it. Will be fix soon. Some alcantara cover with interior parts are coming to (steering Wheel, dash,etc…..) First problem coming. Yesterday, engine and check engine light appears…… Cars works really well, so i Don't know. Perhaps exhaust issue..Don't know….. Hope Nothing to serious…. Anyway, thank you for this huge source of information
  16. Thanks Kevin, I can imagine it's an incredibly powerful experience. I've never been. I would love to, I'll add it to my list!
  17. September 9th is the official unveil. Will be displayed at Frankfurt from 12th to 22nd of September.
  18. Destructo, if you have not been to Arlington on Memorial Day Weekend, its a must. Respectfully, Major Kevin T Hayes, USAF (Ret)
  19. Intrigued by it. Drove an i8 coupe' the other day and was very impressed, not a super car by any means, but FUN. Any one have a roadster? Thinking, very seriously, about trading in my 1 of 300 Maserati 2009 Gran Turismo S (Ferrari 599 1 transmission, a beast, but not a Roadster) for the Bimmer.
  20. I bought this one 100% intention to keep. Im trying to build my business so that would be the only selling reason. If I sold it, probably takes me out of the diablo market... so im trying to keep for sure. Looks like it might just be in the diff. Should find out next week. Doesnt look like an engine out repair. Thank goodness. If there was any other reason to take the engine out then I would be all for it anyways, but nothing really needs to be addressed.
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  22. I have an 86 Jalpa and in the front bonnet, on the drivers side, just above the electric headlight motor, is a small electric amplifier attached to the upper frame,it has 3 wires that go into it. What is the orientation that the wires are attached to the electronics? The wires are: White, White & Black, and Orange .....which wire goes to #1, #2, and #3 ? [see the attached images below
  23. Now that is playing to win! Nice work!
  24. It's got nothing to do with the value of paint and stickers. The 63 like any other brand that does the same is offered to special customers. Every brand does the same thing to reward their VIP's as did Ferrari 70th anniversary paint schemes. It's art - the buyer embraces the benefit of owning something more special as will the next owner. Is a rare color worth more - absolutely is a prior owner add to a cars value absolutely and so on. Porsche paint to sample cars sell for way more and customers die for those and Porsche just raised the price by multiples. Anytime you have a special car it's value is higher - not only in terms of dollar but it tells a story. 10 years from now - assure you a 63 roadster if it is which I believe the last NA V12 will fair better than a JOTA roadster.
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