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  1. Yesterday
  2. It seems Lamborghini can't get enough of 'special edition' versions of their Urus, after the Pearl Capsule, now it's time for a Graphite Capsule Presented in matt Nero Noctis with Verde Scandal trim But it's also available with Arancio Leonis trim ... so I made that one virtually: Then again, you can also go for matt Bianco Monocerus with Giallo Taurus: Or a matt Grigio Keres with Arancio Dryope: Personally not really a fan of the Bianco Monocerus with 'all-white' finish, that white needs to be contrasted with clear carbon fiber for instance ... but that's just me probably.
  3. Last week
  4. I had Powercraft. It doesn't scream like this. These Gintani's are equal length headers. That's the condition needed for the pitch.
  5. Thanks for that, sure screams doesn’t it. It’s between this and Powercraft for me.
  6. Posted on Lamborghini.com, it's almost like they were forced to post something about him leaving lol.
  7. VERY Cool! Thanks for sharing, and thanks for being a great ambassador to the Lamborghini community!
  8. What a pair! Congratulations!
  9. Be very interested to see what they do. Too bad they wouldn't have Balboni at the helm. Would be great optics and someone passionate about the brand and it's heritage.
  10. Well, it’s official. Lamborghini’s own Unica app had posted Domenicali’s departure. No word on his replacement though.
  11. They should sell the car factory to BMW for the best. BMW’s lack of supercar brands has better technical support.
  12. Winkelmann turned Lamborghini around and made it profitable. But he also watered-down the brand by making a plethora of so-called limited editions out of the same model. Domenicali had little choice but to continue with that game in order to keep Lamborghini afloat. Domenicali literally mimicked the Ferrari FXX program with the introduction of the Lamborghini Essenza SCV12. It makes business sense but it also violated Ferruccio's way as he never wanted his cars to participate in any race. One thing that Domenicali did which Winkelmann clearly avoided was to reach out to the "old guards" like Dallara, Stanzani, Gandini and, of course, Balboni. That was very amicable of Domenicali (especially now that Stanzani had passed). Winkelmann wanted to be the one and only Mr. Lamborghini which explained why Balboni parted ways with Lamborghini SpA during Winkelmann's reign. A bit OT but here's a true story as it was a personal experience. Winkelmann wasn't too well-liked by the staffs of Lamborghini SpA. Across from the factory is a restaurant that was actually founded one year earlier than the Lamborghini factory itself. Many of the higher-ranking Lamborghini staffs dine there; so much so that there is actually a "Lamborghini Room" within the restaurant. The section is adorned with all kinds of Lamborghini memorabilia and have numerous photos of all the important events, milestones and important personnel. I was very fortunate to be invited to dine there with one of the directors along with Mr. Balboni. So I was looking around enjoying all the ornaments and photos. Then I noticed there was a photo placed on the floor at the far corner of the room and obviously that area was rather deserted (all the other pics were hung on the walls). That photo was Winkelmann doing his classic post (standing cross-armed in his signature tight-fitting suit) beside a Murcielago. I joked and asked how come Winkelmann's pic is there. Balboni just rolled his eyes and the director chuckled and said, "I think you already knew why." So perhaps it might not be a good move for Winkelmann to make his return to Lamborghini.
  13. I remember there was an article last year regarding infighting between Lambo suits and VW suits about the direction the replacement should head. I wonder if the VW suits won the battle andDomenicali decided to jump ship. Rumour has it Winklemann is gone after the zero emissions track only Vision Le Mans which is been unveiled next month. It's also rumoured VW has been looking for buyers for Lamborghini but because of the uncertainly in the automotive world due to COVID plans are on hold.
  14. Winklemann did a great job, Dominecali took a leaf out of the Ferrari playbook ramped up all the option prices and oversupplied without the ferrari buy back and market control which has well and truly screwed Lambo prices by comparison
  15. I can see Winkelmann coming back, if Bugatti gets sold. Stefano was great as a CEO and good luck to him in his next venture. Look on the bright side, Lamborghini is in safe hands and financially well, compared to say Aston Martin and McLaren. At the moment, Lamborghini is also outselling Ferrari (Ferrari sales have fallen hard since the whole Corona thing started and they aren't picking up any time soon.).
  16. Well that was rather sudden. Isn't timing terrible--hope they are well underway in finalizing the replacement V12. On a related note, Bugatti reported being sold to Rimac conglomerate--where does Winkelmann go? I doubt back to Lambo but is all this shakeup in VAG worrisome? What are the risks (if any) to Lamborghini?
  17. The black and white duo look amazing
  18. So it's official, he's leaving. Any idea on who will replace him?
  19. I wonder who's replacing him... AD After leading Lamborghini for approximately four and a half years, Stefano Domenicali is reportedly leaving his position to become Formula 1’s new CEO. It is unclear who will fill his shoes as the CEO and President of the Italian exotic car brand, as Formula 1 hasn’t announced Domenicali’s appointment yet. However, Domenicali’s move to F1 has been reportedly confirmed by “senior sources” to BBC. Domenicali is expected to grab the reins of F1 before the start of next season from Chase Carey, who has held this position from January 2017, on behalf of Liberty Media. Read Also: Lamborghini Sold Nearly 5,000 Urus SUVs Last Year, Boosting Total Volume By 43 Percent Before signing with Audi in 2014 and being named at the helm of Lamborghini in 2016, replacing Stephan Winkelmann, Domenicali used to lead Ferrari’s F1 team. Thus, if he indeed returns to the sport, then he would join other ex-Ferrari bosses, like the FIA President Jean Todt, who was the Prancing Horse’s sporting director, and Ross Brown, ex-chief of design. Born in Imola in 1965, Domenicali used to help out at the paddocks of the local racetrack and in the media center as a child. He graduated from the University of Bologna in 1991, and shortly after, he joined Ferrari in the finance department. From 1992 to 1994, he was involved in motorsport, as the race director at Mugello, and in 1995, he was appointed the chief of personnel in the sporting department, where he remained until 2001 when, after being named logistics manager, he became the sporting director. In 2007, he was appointed the director of Ferrari’s F1 team, and one year later, he was named team principal.
  20. Sportwagon, all day long in that comparison. The tune ability as discussed is bonkers. It can give your golden retriever doggie-whiplash. The problem i have with the bull is that urus-q6-cayenne is to me as tahoe-suburban-yukon; soul-less platform cars with upbadging. I loved the urus up until the point i saw it next to its siblings and then i lost my Lamboner
  21. Awesome. Congrats. I agree that the V12 roadsters are glorious for sure. One of the best things Lambo HQ did in designing the Aventador roadster is a relatively easy-on, easy-off hardtop roof. I can't imagine the stress of trying to put the Murcie top on in a rainstorm.
  22. Great story and feature, but when did you get a Gallardo??
  23. Like many in this forum, I’ve been looking for this spec lp640 for several years. Had to jump on it when it came available. I love my roadster but the unpredictable weather in dallas is always stressful. But the sound and rush of a roadster is amazing. I can’t say if I prefer the roadster or coupe. For now I will enjoy both and see if.
  24. Pretty cool story. Way to highlight a first responder and enthusiast!
  25. My 1996 sv does this some times turn off the car and the fans come on and stay on until i kill the power fan relays have been change any ideas?
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