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  1. Yesterday
  2. Diablo SV & 6.0 are my top two favorite's. They are the models that really got me interested in cars.
  3. What an awesome car, glad to see taking her out again!
  4. Last week
  5. Gosh, I love your spec Allan. Great to see you're taking her out for a stretch.
  6. Something to consider. Has anyone used ceramic & anti-fog coating when you open these units to reduce the need to re-do in the future?
  7. It is a feature found on all the GLS models with air suspension, not just Maybach. It is allegedly good for getting out of the sand when stuck according to MB
  8. Thanks for the reply. I ended up going with the 221 Sikaflex and it seemed to work pretty well.
  9. good times! and the kids are all growing up too fast...
  10. Diablo GT, Murcié SV, Aventador LP720-4 Roadster, LM003, Miura SV and perhaps the LP400.
  11. Why not black silicone? Remember, the sealant does not need to make an airtight seal because the units are not sealed by any means. There's 4 big vents to atmosphere on the bottom of the housing. And due of the shape of the housing, water ingress is not an issue, so you're not trying to get a super water tight seal either. But what you want is something that's easy to cut through so you can more easily clean the headlights when they fog up again. Silicone is easy to cut through.
  12. I managed to get mine apart without removing the plastic and am looking for a suitable product to reseal the headlight. Sikaflex 221 looks possibly ok, any thoughts that the group can share for other sealants to look at?
  13. Old Timers sold one in Australia a few months back. There have been 2 or 3 go through Oz in the last few years. Might be worth reaching out to Mark to flag interest https://www.facebook.com/oldtimeraustralia/posts/3893129710796004
  14. After sitting for months, old faithful fired right up and off we went.
  15. Thats going to be a tough one.
  16. Hi I'm trying to find a RHD Silhouette in any condition.
  17. Earlier
  18. my daughter raised her hand to say she missed her SV most...
  19. Swinging both ways now..... A man can't have too many V12s. I've had the Murci for 15 years now!
  20. Anyone come up with the cross reference on there two belts? How often should your change them?
  21. Honestly---the one I own. LOL
  22. To order https://m.directtextbook.com/1910505633
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