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  2. I hope they come up with a way to reduce the weight to compensate for electrification. That said, if they go the way of supercapacitors, then the weight penalty may not be as large (heavy) as using conventional batteries, think Xian. That said, you can only get so much CO2 & emission reduction with SuCaps. We shall see. Glad they are still trying to stick to the V12.
  3. On a different note ... I made a Huracan STO Spyder ... which will probably never exist in real life, but I'm a convertible guy, so I would buy it.
  4. I can agree about about a 10 year life if care is taken. FWIW, in my history I have had issue with tire shops not wanting to mount tires over 5 years old.
  5. Thank you for the kind response. Just finished uploading the option for the STO decals on the doors: Link to this config: http://www.lamboconfig.com/lamboconfigurator_hfb2041xa02d20iaiii20ji41adi413941xixjdda20ji2020a.html
  6. Sounds interesting, can't wait to see the spy-shots ...
  7. Impressive work as always
  8. The next Lamborghini Aventador will have a V-12 in the form of a naturally aspirated, hybrid-assisted engine. With Bentley moving toward an all-EV future, it looks like this will be the last remaining 12-cylinder in the Volkswagen Group. The next-gen Aventador is expected out next year. As supercar makers are downsizing capacities and shedding cylinders from their combustion engines, one is determined to buck the trend. Lamborghini is planning to continue to offer a V-12 engine in the replacement for the Aventador—one that will use hybrid assistance but won't be turbocharged. According to Lamborghini’s long-serving chief technical officer, Maurizio Reggiani, both the engine's layout and natural aspiration are critical to the character of the car. "The V-12 has been part of the story of Lamborghini since the very beginning," he told Car and Driver when we drove the Huracán STO prototype earlier this month. "It has been present in every year of our history, which is why our strategy and our vision for the future is to continue to have a V-12 coupled with a hybrid motor." Reggiani has already dropped hints about this future direction, with Lamborghini having already combined V-12 and electric with the supercapacitor-fitted Sian. But next year's Aventador replacement now seems certain to continue the Italian brand's trademark powertrain layout for another generation. And while he is happy to extol the virtues of the V-12, he insists that the decision to stick with natural aspiration is equally important to preserving the car’s character. "I remember when I started working in Modena, the people I learned from told me that naturally aspirated engines are how you prove engineering is good," he said, "because nothing helps you. You must be able to suck as much air as possible and then, based only on this, put more fuel inside the combustion chamber to generate power. If you have a machine to push air, it becomes more a question of the structure of the engine and how much boost it can take. With a big enough turbo, you can produce almost any output." In addition to the advantages of throttle response—something Lamborghini's sports cars remain exemplars of—Reggiani says that natural aspiration remains critical for the searing soundtrack Lamborghini buyers expect. "When you have a turbo you have a damper on the sound, like a muffler," he explained. "It is filtered by the turbo, and you end up trying to use artificial sound to reproduce what should be spontaneous and natural." While electrical assistance is largely required to meet increasingly stringent CO2 targets and will bring additional mass, Reggiani also says it will bring other benefits. "You can add performance, but you can also fill in the weaknesses of the naturally aspirated engine, especially where torque is weak," he explains. The use of an electrically powered front axle also removes the requirement to run a propeller shaft down the center of the car, with Reggiani hinting the Aventador replacement will use a similar system to the Ferrari SF90. "If you have the possibility to use an electric front axle with torque vectoring left and right, you can do something truly exceptional in terms of helping the driver for traction and handling . . . it is like a collaboration between powertrain and chassis development, making a car that can stay exactly on a radius without any form of correction. This is like a dream for engineering." With Bentley's confirmation that it will soon be dropping its W-12 engine ahead of an entirely electric future, Lamborghini is set to be the last brand within the Volkswagen Group to offer 12-cylinder power. Long may it continue. https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a34751674/lamborghini-aventador-hybrid-v-12/
  9. I have them in the cellar. I'll place them in some garbage bags for the UV protection. Thx
  10. Yesterday
  11. So the 2014 Lp700-4 Aventador I picked up did not have the rear camera originally specced. I can't believe I missed it on the specs, lol. Not that it would have been a deal breaker but it does add a little extra level of stress in parking situations. Does anybody have an aftermarket setup they'd recommend?
  12. Lamborghini should really give you a spiff for all the ways you can sell their vehicles!
  13. How much does the Stardropper cost approx?
  14. Speaking of exhaust. Anyone heard about retro fitting the SVJ exhaust on the SV? I love the central dual exhaust theme. Reminds me of my LP640. I’m sure there’s some inside bumper plastic body panels that will need to be manipulated but I’m more curious on the exhaust lining up especially after the primary cats.
  15. Hek wheels in Bronze ... and Bridgestone Potenza tire livery now available too:
  16. Just added wheels and brake calipers to the configurator:
  17. LamboCARS

    Huracán STO

    Love the white on the Sian, simple, but effective!
  18. Looking for a well sorted and clean 14-15 Aventador coupe / roadster - mods ok, open to color, cash ready to go You can text me at 609-638-9585 Thanks
  19. Last week
  20. Belt was a pig, i managed to get it so that it was only around the power steering pump pulley. i was a case of folding and pushing it between the pulley and the engine a gap about the same size as the belt !! Not sure how it goes back in, but i will fit it before the alternator goes back in. The belt that came out was a Contitech 7pk 1570. About £15 on ebay or £100 from lamborghini. there was a spare in the car being 1568 and Eurospares list an after market part as 1575. For those that have changed theirs what length did you use ? thanks
  21. Bearings are out 83B812 6203LHA Regulator Bosch 1197 311 236
  22. Good to know, thanks for sharing!
  23. The items that age tires are UV light and heat cycles. So long as a tire has not had its FIRST heat cycle the aging process is very slow and tires can be stored for many years. The real acceleration of aging happens as tires heat and cool due to use (way more temperature variation than what is possible in storage). It is after the first heat cycle that the effective life of a tire is no more than 10 years. Regarding storage placing tires in black plastic bags to keep the UV light out and storing them in a dry place that never goes below freezing is fine.
  24. MOAR special editions! Prepare for the Bugatti and Lamborghini crossover editions!
  25. For future use, how are you storing them? Not a bad idea to have an extra set on hand for sure!
  26. DANG IT! I have work to do today
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