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  2. ive been thinking of a 05/06 ford gt and also a avenatdoroadster ,the roadster i will get more enjoyment and ford gt will hold value better but im leaning towards a roadster ,any diffrence from 13 and say a 14 ?what should ilook for certain repairs in past common faults .where do you see the prices for a 13/14 say 3/5k miles thanks
  3. Cute kids topjay, they both look like it's not their first rodeo in the Aventadors!
  4. Safe to say everything is speculative, but it's definitely changed out perspective. In light of all the stupidity that's gone on, it's made sure that I've got more pressing things to take care of before leisure and non-essential purchases, as much as i'd love to get a sportscar.
  5. Safe to say no one knows what will happen once the this pandemic is over.
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  7. Thoughts? https://karenable.com/supercar-market-update-q1-2020/
  8. Its a pressure sensor in rear of the seat it only activates when you sit in it, child seat does not activate airbag, you can see on the passenger dash if its on or off to be sure. so yes its auto
  9. Hi on an aventador roadster can a toddler seat fit and disarm the air bag is there a key that turns it off or does it do it auto? Thanks a
  10. I've stated to DCA some money into SPY, but I think shit is going to get worse before it gets better so it's a trickle at this point, but don't want to be left hanging if there is a sudden upswing.
  11. That is a fcuking horrific spec!
  12. My buddy’s egg arrived. Thing is so sick.
  13. Last week
  14. any update are u still thinking of an avenatdor after thinking ford gt 05/06 or roadster im more leaning towards an aventador roadster I think 30/45 more days prices will drop
  15. Here is a very useful tool that I have been using to understand the current state and what is likely to happen. This is constantly being updated but real-time data from credible scientific sources. Forget the spin and the politics--I try to stick to the science as is my training. Bottom-line, the model is designed to show each state, the number of bed, ventilators etc and given the current data, whether each state will overwhelm its existing resources or will they be below those threshold levels. As unpopular as some the Gavin Newsom moves were, it is likely that Cali will be ok. Many of states, esp. interior ones who have not taken key steps are likely to be in a world of trouble. they are likely to be the source of our "second wave" that is sure to come. There might very well be some herd immunity in early states like NY when the second wave hits. Anyway, here is the model. Look at your state and see what it predicts. Again, its updated constantly so you can keep checking back to see how things change. https://covid19.healthdata.org/projections
  16. Hands down yes--why not? There are tons of tags or stickers from other companies so why not. I'd use it when I could.
  17. I believe the brakes on the gt are just a Brembo kit. This car has the bigger brake kit front and rear.
  18. Hey Docta, would you sport a mask with a Lamborghini tag? You probably already know my answer. It is great to see companies arising to the occasion.
  19. A GT that has the raw feel of a '91 is pretty wicked. Hopefully you got the brakes from a GT in this one too.
  20. Late to this thread but have seen the car on IG/FB..... Wingless better with Bravos? I concur with Allan Lamborghini!
  21. Unfortunately most people cannot handle reality. They definitely prefer to hear what they want to hear than the truth. And of course they tend to panic too easily. What I've discovered is that bad things actually happening are usually not as bad as thinking they will happen (and then not even happening). So for example, being pulled in and laid off from a job stings but is not as stressful as worrying about that possibility for weeks or months. We find ways to deal with stuff in the moment that when looked back in context you often wonder how you dealt with it, but you did. If the reality is we'll all be going back to work mid summer and we'll have to continue this life until then, well that sucks, but it's not as annoying as constantly being teased with it being over quicker than it should be. Now the only big unknown here is how the economy will deal with a prolonged absence in consumer spending. Today my company let go of a few people that was only necessitated by this situation, only two weeks in. What happens over 2-3 months is anybody's guess...
  22. mexican government is doing nothing to enforce any stay at home orders. The resort i work at has shut down and all our resorts are closed. that's 10,000 rooms. other resorts are closed completely. Yet there are restraunts and bars, retail stores, and other businesses ignoring the stay at home order. I now know three confirmed deaths from the corona virus here, and the minister of health is still saying zero. We are not safe as long as the government does nothing to help protect us with valid, relevant real information
  23. That sucks, sorry to hear that. Is that the Mexican government you're referencing? I'm sure ours is doing it's fair share of disinformation to keep the masses somewhat pacified.
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