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  2. this is the Stardropper SVJ exhaust, the Gintani looks like this minus the muffler box behind the X-pipe, the valves are located up top and some bend differences of the straight pipes(copied the original Stardropper ones).
  3. This guy in the UK https://www.instagram.com/ lambo_jon/ got the Brilliant/Stardropper exhaust for the regular Aventador, full system (straight pipes, muffler) He did before and after dyno and he gained 40 BHP (not wheel HP) if you look at the graph the power is consistent . As I stated before the Stardropper exhaust for the SVJ is not made by Brilliant it is made by a different company, this is the exhaust that Gintani basically copied.
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  5. Pleas se post or send me a photo of your headlight and showing the issue . after this I m able to tell you something more thank you
  6. What's up with the lack of transparency? What is the solution you are using? What is the cost? Never good when those details aren't mentioned upfront.
  7. DEAR MURCIELAGO OWNER , ( I’m owner too ) YOU have the problem with front headlights. FOGGY OR BROKE?? This solution will restore your headlights as NEW. PERFECT!!! at a cheaperrrrrr cost than other repairers on eBay or online and much, much cheaper than buying new ones (10k each ) Contact me If you need Location south Florida ( but available worldwide)
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  9. So, I clearly dropped the ball on this thread. I never got any notifications on replies. The price above was the retail price. I put in a request to get updated pricing on my end. They decided to have them made on demand for me. I'm going to have one set made and include any additional sets people want. I'll follow up with pricing when I get it.
  10. changing plugs was bad - stretching my hamstrings !!!
  11. It does look hard with the engine in. Probably just checking clearances isn't so bad. If I were to take on this job, I would remove the exhaust system to get more room and be able to stand in the engine bay for some of the work.
  12. Whilst the rocker covers are off....... Anybody done this themselves ? There is a video on youtube showing one valve changed only took 11 mins !!! But engine is out and on the bench, i accept access to the rear of the engine is painful. I can find valve clearance measurements for the Diablo 6, do we know if an early 6.2 is the same ? Measuring looks easy enough, changing a bit more hassle. Thanks
  13. Afternoon, As the weather has turned i will repaint mine. What have people used ? VHT wrinkle paint ? Thanks
  14. well at least it looks like you might be able to see out of the back of the new one, single worst bit of an SVJ is that you can have a marked police car right behind you with lights and sirens on and its 50/50 if you would even catch a glimpse of it! For a road car its just stupid and unnecessary
  15. I actually prefer the Third Millennium concept. I feel the SC20 is too soft in the front. I've read Lambo wants to add sharper lines to it's future design which is why I love the front end design of the EVO 2. Hopefully this design language carries over to the Huracan replacement and the AV replacement.
  16. Yeah I mean if you use simple maths for a second. The most powerful road-going Aventador is the Ultimae with 780 PS. Add the hybrid tech from the 918 which is old but we know the power of it. Then its 280 PS there. That would be combined 1060 PS. Matches my "over 1000" I was told. BUT if the engine is down-sized for saving the polar bears-reasons then let's say they need 300 hp electric to push the car to 1.000. Still possible today I think.
  17. Since some say it has a Sian inspired front with Centenario inspired rear. To me it sounds like a Third Millennium concept in Sian type body. Although I would prefer something more elegant and beautiful, like the SC20 with a few changes and a roof. More evolutionary revolutionary design than a complete brutal makeover in the front. We can certainly say that this engine cover belongs to the replacement: And possibly this active spoiler:
  18. 1:1 scale static model was shown. It was just being displayed; no doors/engine cover/front trunk was opened and car never started or rolled. Mild hybrid & DCT. Modern interior with multiple TFT screens. It would likely be unveiled at Quail in summer 2022.
  19. Aventador was limited run too, "4000 units" they said in 2011. Was it last year that Lamborghini produced the 10 000th Aventador? What Lambo dealers likely saw were renderings, clay models and sketches from Mitja. Lamborghini's hybrid era will last at least until the 2030s, since it is rumored that the new V12 will comply with the Euro 7 regulations. And it's not close to production, not until we see prototypes rolling around with production bodystyle. SW layed out the timeline for the new products here: https://www.motor1.com/news/508012/lamborghini-electrification-plan-revealed/ 2023: Aventador replacement / Urus hybrid 2024: Huracan replacement 2025-2029: 4th model, EV Grand Tourer Its fun to speculate on the Aventador replacement's name. There are still two trademarks from 2012-2013 that are still unused by Lamborghini (but still renewed and trademarked). Those are "Encaste" and "Deimos".
  20. Look into Herman Miller products. They are quality stuff. Pricey, but good.
  21. Hey guys I will be listing my 2002 Gated Manual Murcielago for sale It holds a rebuilt title from 2002 First owner bought it in 2002 and wrecked after one month of owning it. Second owner bought it in 2011 and I have owned it for a year. The Vehicle has 8700 miles Car runs great, I have really enjoyed it. I have about 130k in invoices spent at Lamborghini Miami Interior has been upgraded to newer lp640 interior. Quick silver exhaust, clutch was replaced 2k miles ago. 19/20” wheels. The car was converted to a roadster 10 years ago, but it can easily be converted back to a coupe since not much was removed. I’ll post a pic of the roof. It comes with a custom made soft top as well. If anyone is interested let me know I will be listing it soon. I will be providing a lot more info once I’m ready to list, but if anyone has any questions please text me 760-nine94-558four I’m thinking of listing for $150k I will be listing it on eBay once I take some good pictures Here are some pictures that I have in my phone.
  22. BLK85

    Office chairs

    It's at home, but I got a promising interview for a WFH job. So both.
  23. Could you buy a couple of the nose badges, although they are pretty small or get some stickers printed and mounted also not sure
  24. I thought only FerrariFags did that?
  25. I was told 800 from the V12, 200 hybrid. The look is described as a Sian with design elements from the Centenario. There's also talk it might be a limited run, maybe the V12 is a limited run? Supposedly dealers saw the actual car in person so sounds like it's close to production ready.
  26. I spoke to my local dealer the other day. They told me a few things. But since they are under strict no talking embargo i think guess they toyed with me. But the figures I got were pretty nice if true .... over 1000 PS to name one thing.
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