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  2. A throwback to the heydays of LP. Let's bring it back!
  3. Yesterday
  4. Congrats jdcohenmd, spec looks amazing.
  5. Miura Restoration
  6. Macaulay Culkin was a top contender but always survived
  7. Allen: I know this is a Lambo site but have you looked at the McLaren 720S? Terrific performance, for thousands less? Just to be clear I have owned 8 Lambo's including the Aventador.
  8. I’m down for bringing it back, as morbid as that sounds.
  9. Andrew8896 on here did it, i'm sure a few others. He said nothing but good things about it, a lot more fun than he expected with a lot of great connection opportunities.
  10. I just signed up for the Winter Academia event in Aspen at end of January and wanted to know if anyone has done it ? I have done the basic Esperienza and it was pretty awesome but at $9500 I just wanted to get an idea from any direct experiences !
  11. Last week
  12. speed2

    New Aventadors ??

    I had no idea. So, if the factory is only building the SVJ do we have any idea how many they will build in a year?
  13. Hey guys, hope you’re all happy and healthy. So it’s crazy how rapidly the McLaren 720S market is growing in terms of tuning and real world results. Nowadays people are running low 9/ / high 8s @ 155+ mph with nothing but minor bolt ons, a tire, and a tune. knowing that, I figured my I’d put my TTH with its newly built motor to the test against the fastest 720S in NA which, a few days after our race, went to the track with good conditions and ran an [email protected] mph in the same exact configuration in which it raced me. 60-130 on its 8 sec pass was a 3.92! Enjoy the video. Skip to 4:25 to go directly to the action.
  14. I would set value aside. I would only do things that can be returned to stock, and keep all the original parts if that is your concern, but in general there are buyers that shit on stuff, and there are buyers that find value in it.
  15. The Ghoul Pool? Back then Romandad had quite the library of references and descriptions! Ahh the good ol' days for sure!
  16. In an attempt to bring back the glory days of LP.... Veteran members will recall that we used to make posts on celebrities who passed away with interesting titles. I am starting this one: Marie Fredriksson of the band Roxette had passed away on Dec/9 after a 17-year battle with brain cancer. The Roxette was a huge hit in the 90's having several chart-topping hits. The most famous one would likely be the featured song in the Hollywood megahit movie "Pretty Woman" starring Julia Roberts (this movie literally launched her career as a movie star) and Richard Gere. Marie was a diva with quite a voice. Her battle with brain tumor caused her one eye and she temporarily lost her voice and ability to read, write and move. She did recover and made a comeback but she had now gone to sing with the angels. RIP Marie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k2C5TjS2sh4
  17. it was fun making this video !
  18. sprite

    New Aventadors ??

    Lamborghini doesn't allow dealers to advertise new cars online. With that said I believe Aventador production is finished and that only SVJ's are being built at this point.
  19. speed2

    New Aventadors ??

    Went searching for new Aventadors across the country and was surprised to see just a few. Has production slowed? Used cars have high prices.
  20. scoote69

    urus insurance

    looking for insurance for a 2020 urus and I'm having trouble finding providers who will cover it. If you have any suggestions they would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance!
  21. scoote69

    urus insurance

    Can you all please tell me who you insured your urus with. I have been calling around for almost 3 hours and no one will insure it, including Hagerty. Any help is much appreciated!!
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