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  1. Yesterday
  2. Stimpy, do you happen to know the part number for the AC drier?  I ordered the Compressor but forgot to order the drier for my Murci.  Thanks for any help!  You are a great contributor.  Cheers, Bryan

  3. Smash Boy

    My "new" Car

    How about start with a nice aftermarket steering wheel? You know, the only thing needed on a car, per me.
  4. Sick combo! Hard to top either of these colors.
  5. I'm still here. And being part of the "new" generation (30ish)... I feel the site being down so long for the reboot killed it most. I'm still on the other Lambo Forum, which is more active than this one. But Lambo Power will always hold a soft spot in my heart. I joined when I was 17/18 years old and just dreaming of the day I could own an LP640. I love these cars for the unmatched driving experience they give you, passion most owners have (maybe that has changed today with social media/Huracan flexers), the soul these cars have, the art of the Italian design, and most importantly their S
  6. Destructo

    My "new" Car

    TE37's? Yes please!
  7. Where are you located? Some others might have a better idea on recommendations depending on your region. Congrats on the restoration! Are you doing concours style or just refurbished to operate?
  8. Last week
  9. You should go with an aftermarket AC system. It will be much better than factor
  10. Tara

    My "new" Car

    Haha you guys are nuts! Yes, I'm planning on wheels in the future. They are just so damn expensive


    Rolex datejust 26mm White dial 69173 for wife. Thanks, Billy
  12. Hi guys, Im restoring my LM002, the car i bought was missing the original A/C compressor. Not sure why someone would take this out, but they did. I am having trouble finding an original, no one seems to have it, tried the usual suspects. That said I know a lot of parts on the car were sourced from existing manufacturers and compatible or also used on other cars. Anyone know of a compatible one that may work or has anyone replaced the compressor to a more modern one, and if so which did you go with and why?
  13. Thanks so much for all the very helpful information guys. I'll let you know how the battery change goes when I get around to it. Take care, and be well--Brock
  14. Love the color choice cake. Car looks stunning!
  15. Way to close it down! Car looks good.
  16. Destructo

    My "new" Car

    That would be a heck of a project!
  17. I follow their stuff on IG, looks like it would be a BLAST!
  18. BLK85

    EAA AirVenture

    Anyone going? I wish I was there but I just cant get there. One of these days I'll go back. I went 3 years as a teenager. https://www.eaa.org/airventure
  19. Looks like a great project car Tara I feel stupid, but for a split second when I saw the first photo, I thought you meant the TRUCK was what you had bought
  20. If you are doing programing work on a ECU a battery charger that has support mode should be used. Voltage never stays that high with the key on with out support. LARA is not that sensitive to voltage as other platforms are. But as a good rule a charger with support mode should be used.
  21. Ok, thank you. I was told that the battery voltage had to be above 12.5v in order to reprogram or change settings in the ECU using the LARA software otherwise the ECU could get corrupted. Is this unfounded info I've picked up and would 12.+ be ok to program the ECU? Cheers,
  22. Dexron IV or V can be used in systems that call for Dexron II. Make sure when you add fluid to have lift system down or you will over fill it (better a little low then over filled) and it will make a mess when you drive it and it gets hot. They can leak from any part of the lift or P/S system. Must inspect. The shocks can leak, steering rack, hoses to steering rack, lift supply hose, high pressure hose from pump to lifting system are the more normal items.
  23. Voltage test on battery is done with key off. Should be around 12.6. Its normal for voltage to drop when key is on as many items power up with key on and draw on battery. 12.+ volts with key on is none issue in my book. At this point it does not sound like you have a issue.
  24. Hello, I had an e-gear snap test done recently and the tech told me the battery voltage was very low at 12.05volts. This test was conducted without the car running, just the key switch on. I had no trouble starting and driving home. Today I bought a new battery, charged it up on the bench, then installed it in the car. With the key turned on and the engine not running, my voltmeter read 12.08v at the battery terminals. With the engine running, I measured 13.8v at the battery terminals. As this is a new battery, with key switch on dash display on etc, but engine not running, the vol
  25. Earlier
  26. The Glen Last one to leave Sunday afternoon wet look
  27. Thanks D! Just returned from 3 days at the Glen. It was soggy and foggy but we had a little dry track each day. I drove enough to realize this car is on another level from the last gen (which I dearly loved). The PDK is brilliant and a game changer. And the PCCB are unbelievable. They remind me of the CCB we had on the LP 560! I kept braking later and later going into the Bus Stop, and there was still more to give. The shifts at 7800 RPM at WOT are lightning quick. Learned it’s lower than the last one But so far no scraping 2100 miles in the first 31 days. I’m enjoyi
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