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  2. Thank you Jeff. I believe they are the same until the 2005 murcielago update
  3. Last week
  4. A friend of mine has been looking for a rear ABS sensor for a bit with no luck. If find you find a cross reference let us know. I will post if we come with one. Its for a 2001 6.0 Im sure the 98 is same.
  5. Not sure what I feel about this. I am glad the brand is doing well but too many Lambo I think devalues the brand. I know Ferrari does not limit their production and certainly, many who are owners have learned the hard lesson from Mclaren who floods the market with every variant and then discounts their cars to get cars out the door (much to the detriment of their owners). All that said, here is a good read: https://www.carexpert.com.au/car-news/lamborghini-wont-limit-supply-2023-production-almost-sold-out
  6. I thought I should post an update in relation to the DMS tune I had applied to the Urus last year for those that may have interest. I've had a few drivability related concerns that I've been working through with the team at DMS in the UK - mainly in relation to how the car responds when getting back on the throttle after 'coasting' (for example after turning into a sidestreet or as you enter a roundabout). I'm curious as to whether there is anyone else running the DMS tune on their Urus here as I'm told by DMS that they have done over 100 cars. If you've got the DMS tune I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on how it behaves around town/in suburban settings. Feel free to either post your thoughts/comments here or via PM to me if you would prefer.
  7. I like this brand in the link below because they are entirely smooth (M14X1.5). Almost all other brands have curves & other junk to mar your wheel not sure why. http://www.metalnerd.com/catalog/product/0b8c5198407b41288de3df3628f810c0
  8. Hi guys. My 98 Diablo roadster needs a new front ABS sensor 0051001139 (tyre revolution sensor). The cable melted and when the mechanic tried to remove it the sensors disintegrated. (The over heating was due to a one off problem that’s been sorted). According to Lamborghini UK this part is no longer available. Does anyone here know of a pattern part or another car this unit is sourced from? Thanks for reading Peter
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  10. The trick was to get the car battery charged enough so I could then use the key fob to disarm the car, and then I was able to enter the car and use the kill switch in the engine bay and change the battery (painstaking process in itself). I found out the hard way that you can't just simply open the door with the key without disarming the car and then use the kill switch because the alarm will continue to sound (as I and my neighbors found out). Thanks to Frank at Raging Bull for the advice. Plus for anyone changing their battery, these stud extensions allow you to remove the wheel easily without scratching the inside on the brake or discs (real handy if you have extra tight space from CCB)! Plus being 60+ years old and not as strong as years ago, a furniture dolly under the tire also helped with easy wheel removal. As far as the inner wheel well panel, damn what a pain as well as the battery itself which needs to be raised above the wheel to wiggle it out.
  11. What the hell, cant even change the battery in the 08 LP640 without the alarm continuing to sound. I know the fob works because I changed that battery already. I thought the kill switch in the engine disconnects everything including the alarm. Damnit!
  12. Thanks, you are correct the 49/H8 is clearly way too big when I looked at my wheel well photos from my last battery change. This time I went with the MTX 48/H6 (dry battery) instead of the MTP 48/H6 (wet battery) since they indicated it was a better battery so I will see how this fits. The size difference posted on their webpage noted in the post above is a minuscule fraction of a difference between the MTX and MTP.
  13. Hi Dose not mater if car is in gear when you replace battery. Bigger battery will not fit in the brackets. Interstates info is wrong. Unless it has wrong battery in it know and is lose in its brackets.
  14. I think if I use the trunk battery kill switch there will be no way the car may accidently start when I put the battery in; but now I am getting different quotes for what size should go into a 2008 LP604. I currently have an interstate MTP 48/H6 but Interstate is telling me their records show it should have a MTP 49/H8 for this car. Anyone put in a 49/H8 size? It is about 3" longer and 3" taller than the 48/H6. See below: https://www.interstatebatteries.com/car-and-truck-batteries/mtp
  15. Went on vacation for about a month and even with trickle charger on the car it seems my battery may be dead. I tried to unlock the car with the fob and only heard one faint chirp, and volt meter is reading just under 12. Battery is 7 years old, so that's what I suspect anyway. But when I go to change the battery jacking up the rear I want to be sure the car is in neutral just in case for some reason it is in 1st when I put the new battery in and it may lung. When I park my car I always put the paddle shift into 1st, but now want to get it into neutral before I go messing in the battery area. But maybe it doesn't make any difference if it's in 1st if I use the kill switch in the engine bay? Maybe I'm over thinking but just trying to be safe rather than dead and would prefer it to be in neutral. I'm used to working on old school Panteras with rear wheel drive, so Im new to all wheel drive with the front still on the ground when I jack it up. Thanks.
  16. When a clutch is installed you run the read write program. The egear releases the TOB which has a sensor on it. When it sees the main shaft start to turn thats the starting point of clutch life. As the clutch wears the TOB must travel more for the main shaft to start to turn. The more travel the more wear on clutch. When a snapshot is done its just pulling stored info from the egear ECU. So the egear does not do any thing at the time of a snapshot
  17. I have pondered an idea that the clutch wear can be read without the Lambo computer but was wondering first if someone can explain the sequence of events that occur when the E-Gear snap shot is initiated from the Lambo computer i.e. does the E-Gear actuator do anything to the clutch, etc.
  18. Hey All, Does anyone know the model number of the Original Radio Cassette player for 1982 LP5000S Countach; and where I might be able to find one for sale? I believe it may be either the Alpine 7136 or older style model Alpine 7128L but not sure. Appreciate all your help.
  19. And just like that all 3 gone...Thanks all!
  20. Hey All, It's nearing Car Week again and I have 3 tickets to the Quail Lodge Motorsports Gathering available. 1 person that was going to attend with me had to move across country and won't be able to make the event, and the other 2 can't go due to unfortunate family issues, so this leaves me in an odd spot with 3 tickets up for grabs. I'm selling them for retail (what was paid for them) because I want a true enthusiast to have the chance to go rather than to try to make a few $ flipping them elsewhere. DM me for info
  21. Lamborghini has a ABS program to read errors. Most common issue is 1 of the sensors intermittently cutting out. You can try to clean sensors connections and add Stablant to the connectors. It may be hard to get new sensors.
  22. Let me say it’s been an absolute BLAST hosting Supercars by the Sea for you since January of 2018. My kids have moved past the toddler phase and now they are ready to GO! I am looking forward to spending every minute with them as they now want to participate in sports / school / travel / weekend activities. I hope that at least one takes a liking to golf as that is my true passion beyond cars…fingers crossed! It was an incredibly difficult decision to make but, I will step away from hosting and the event will be paused. I can’t possibly properly thank EVERYONE that has contributed from the Sponsors, Participants, Volunteers, Charitable Partners & Photographers that have donated their time and talent. If a company or car club is interested in acquiring the brand (IG, FB, .com, LLC, permit) and continuing the event, please DM. I wish you great health & safe driving. I will Sea you on the Road! David @newportslsamg
  23. Up for sale is the front trunk/carpeted interior tub from a 2008 Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera. It is damaged but can be easily repaired. These trunks retail for between $2500-5000 from Lamborghini depending on the PN#. Includes the carpeted battery inspection door (PN# 400863439B) as pictured, which is an additional $265 from Lamborghini. It's a genuine OEM factory Lamborghini part. I believe that the PN# for this frunk is 400863362AS and that it should fit the Gallardo, LP550, LP560 and LP570. It should be cross-compatible with PN#'s 400863362, 400863362AH, 400863362AF, 400863362P, 400863362BA and many others. Asking $595 or best offer. I'm located in Southern California and I can be reached at 760-453-0852.
  24. 2004 Murceilago e-gear stock Got the ABS error code, sets off the TCS while driving. Drives fine with TCS turned off. I checked the brake fluid level and it was full. Took the wheels off and checked the ABS sensors. Was checking resistances of the sensors and they were all the same. Went to the ABS computer in the front trunk and checked resistances on the harness and they were consistent. So nothing simple like a broken wire. Tried to read error code off OBS 2 but no codes even though the dash ABS error light is on. I looked at the passenger foot well and found the connector there. Anyone know how to read braking system codes off this?
  25. Have you tried contacting any of the shops that have been doing restorations on the these?
  26. Acquired in 2015. Had been sitting in a sealed cargo container since mid 90's. After an extensive recommissioning in 2016 and several hundred miles of driving she's been sitting high and dry. In the early 90's the owner refinished her in a red metallic, car was originally white. I swapped off the big bumpers for euro style and had the car sprayed with black Plasti Wrap. It's now time to disassemble and invest in a correct, white repaint. What the is best way to strip old finish? Chemical? Media blast? Does anyone here have experience in this? The body is in nice shape. No corrosion, no dents, no evidence of bondo. Thoughts?
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