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  1. Where is the 180K 03 located?
  2. WOW!!!! Thanks for the info Roy. The ad states "I purchased the car from AAA Auto Club of Southern California after someone stole the front bumper cover and right rocker panel. I replaced these two items, and as a result it will have a reconstructed title if registered in Louisiana". and "two panels were damaged and taken off and never returned. In any event, there has never been any metal bent or broken on this car (no frame or structure damage) Also there has been no body repair on this car, just the two fiber panels were replaced" It also says "It also has the $10,000.00 option for the soft leather inserts in the seats. I think they called this a conally leather package" Is that price inflated a bit? My favorite line in the ad was "If you can't get a girl with this car, you can get your money back". I appreciate the advice and I believe I will pass on this one. Thanks Roy
  3. Anybody know the real history on the 2003 Silver Murci #3LA00631 w/ other title on Ebay? Was it wrecked, stolen or what? Thanks for the info.
  4. Nelson Lambo had a red 99 SV with I believe around 17K on it. Hope this helps.
  5. I have a couple...........
  6. Pretzel_Guy


    First one is a little much....the second is very nice. Just my opinion.
  7. ALLAN- E mail me price, pics and location of your SV to [email protected] Thanks
  8. ALLAN- Who would you suggest I purchase one from. Dealer or private seller? Checking all service records either way. My buddy is trying to talk me into a F430. In my opinion Ferrari's are a good looking car, but a Murci is just on a different level. Thanks for the help... I am also looking for a SV or a 6.0.
  9. Let me know if you still got the 02 Murcie and where it's located. Thanks
  10. Come on guys, the numbers I used were just what I have seen on here. I don't mind paying $175 up as long as its worth the money. I am reading a lot on here about Murci's value going south and just wanted to know the truth. The quality of the car is more important than the price. If anyone knows of a nice Lambo out there let me know. Thank you.
  11. Hello, I am new to the board and very excited about my first Lamborghini purchase. (I HAVE WAITED A LONG TIME FOR THIS) Like most on here I have owned several sports cars, but until now haven't had the $$$$ to care for a Lambo. I am reading about all these 02 and 03 Murci's going for $120's?- $150's. If this is true; someone please let me in on it. I am not a dealer, just a car nut who is ready for the ultimate automobile experience. I am also open to a SV, or heck any suggestions that you all have!!!! Help me out. Thank you in advance for all your help.......
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