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  1. First one is a little much....the second is very nice. Just my opinion.
  2. ALLAN- E mail me price, pics and location of your SV to [email protected]. Thanks
  3. ALLAN- Who would you suggest I purchase one from. Dealer or private seller? Checking all service records either way. My buddy is trying to talk me into a F430. In my opinion Ferrari's are a good looking car, but a Murci is just on a different level. Thanks for the help... I am also looking for a SV or a 6.0.
  4. Let me know if you still got the 02 Murcie and where it's located. Thanks
  5. Come on guys, the numbers I used were just what I have seen on here. I don't mind paying $175 up as long as its worth the money. I am reading a lot on here about Murci's value going south and just wanted to know the truth. The quality of the car is more important than the price. If anyone knows of a nice Lambo out there let me know. Thank you.
  6. Hello, I am new to the board and very excited about my first Lamborghini purchase. (I HAVE WAITED A LONG TIME FOR THIS) Like most on here I have owned several sports cars, but until now haven't had the $$$$ to care for a Lambo. I am reading about all these 02 and 03 Murci's going for $120's?- $150's. If this is true; someone please let me in on it. I am not a dealer, just a car nut who is ready for the ultimate automobile experience. I am also open to a SV, or heck any suggestions that you all have!!!! Help me out. Thank you in advance for all your help.......
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