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@007 Lamborghini Gallardo Fuel Issue

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Hi. I have a 2007 Gallardo Spider. I have the passenger side fuel pump for cylinder 6-10 that stopped working. So I went to the fuse behind the seat to check the spade yellow 20 amp fuse Number 4. when I pull it out of the fuse block the one side of the fuse remain in the fuse block. I also removed the remaining part out of the fuse block.  I inspected the fuse and saw that it had blown the fuse prior to the removal of that fuse.  So the I went though and just checked fuse number 3 which is the fuse for cylinders1-5. It was fine . Then I went and checked fuses 7 & 8 witch where ignition fuse and the where fine. Then went and checked fuses 10 & 11 witch were injection fuses and they where fine. At point I decided to go and turn the key on to see if the passenger side pump word run. The pump on the driver side for cylinder 1 -5 ran and pumped up.  So I decide to pull the fuel line off  the inlet side just to check to be sure .  Nothing happen it did not run at all. So there are 4 remaining fuses that are perpendicular to the first 1-12 witch are numbered 13 - 16 on  the fuse block that I can not figure out what meaning of what is printed on the schematic for the fuse block diagram.  If anyone can shed a little on what those fuses are I would appreciate it and any other thoughts on why that pump is not working.



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