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Lamborghini Diablo Book-- Call for Photos , Information and Anecdotes


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Dear Fellow Lamborghini Owners and Enthusiasts ,
Please could I start by introducing myself , and explain why I am writing to you
I am a Consultant Eye Surgeon based in the United Kingdom , and have been a life-long Lamborghini enthusiast.
I am lucky enough to own an 88 1/2 Countach ( Chassis  12399 ) , which I have had since 2001 , and a 2005 Murcielago Roadster ( Chassis 1564 ) which I have had since 2014 .
I have written the world's first stand-alone book on the Lamborghini Murcielago (ISBN : 9781845849221) , and this is now available on Amazon ( 19 Chapters ; 55,000words ; 190 photographs with contributors from all around the world )
I have also written a book on the KTM X-BOW ( ISBN :  9781787114333 ) which is again available on Amazon .
My book on the Countach ( 30 Chapters ; 127000 words , 425 photos ) will be published by EVRO Publishing in June , and its content and lay-out can be seen on EVRO's website . 
I am now starting to  write a book on the Diablo , and am reaching out to enthusiasts , mechanics, dealers and owners world-wide , for material and contributions that might have a place in this book .
I always ensure that I fully acknowledge any contributions within the Acknowledgements Page - this is again another labour-of -love that is hugely dependent on the contribution from fellow enthusiasts 
If you are able to help , I would be most grateful , and am best contacted on   :   [email protected]
I look forward to hearing from you , Thank you , and Take care
Dr T Pathmanathan   BSc   MBBChir ( Cambridge )   MRCOphth   FRCOphth   FRCS   PM Guild of Motoring Writers

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