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  • Welcome to 2019, the 15th year of LamboPower.com!

    Since the beginning in 2004, Lambo Power has been committed to being a place for Lamborghini owners and enthusiasts to congregate, 
    learn, meet and communicate. 

    After all these years, we still retain our original efforts to create the best online community for Lamborghini owners and enthusiasts. 

    Our look has changed, and we now offer more editorial content, both original and discovered on Lamborghini, luxury and performance topics than ever before. 

    New for this year is the long overdue visual overhaul on the site. With a new look and feel, we now are able to offer a deeper wealth of 
    knowledge and valuable resources to the community.

    Since our soft relaunch this past October we've had more than a quarter-million page views and more than 17,000 new visitors. These numbers 
    have helped us pass the 109,000 member mark!

    With the advent of social media and its various channels, we as a community have (better late than never), expanded our community to include
    Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. We'll make sure to continue our outreach through these outlets, but our primary focus is rebuilding
    our site first and building our social presence second. 

    We'll continue to update the site, and community at large. Should you ever have any questions, don't hesitate to use the contact a moderator
    section or send a private message to Destructo.

    Thanks for your continued support and activity here at Lambo Power.


    The Management


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