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  1. Finally got it. Clearly, the snap ring just has to be worked until you can get at least part of it to catch. Slave now works as advertised. Thanx for the help.
  2. I give. What tool does everyone use to get snap ring on?
  3. Should add car is 92 with 2500 miles so am sure the slave hasn't been touched in 20 years. Probably why it was so difficult.
  4. Got the car up on all 4 corners. Getting slave out was a challenge. Despite buying snap ring tool, both the snap ring and the slave cylinder were not going to budge. Eventually ended up dremelling the snap ring off (yes, destroyed the slave but I was tossing it anyway), getting up in the oil filter compartment and disconnecting the clutch slave hose so you can get it off the slave, and then pounding in multiple ways (with colorful commentary) after letting the salve sit on Kroll lubricant. Evnetually saw I needed to repalce the 2 slave shims (cost more than the salve so be careful) as well. Since I've got it out, will get steel fluid line to slave made before reassmbly. Thanx for the help Mark
  5. In trying get out old slave cylinder, got the back of the car up on the 2 rear jack points specified in the manual with chocks in front of front tires. But, would feel a little more comfortable under car with all four corners up on jack stands. What's the technique for getting jack stands under the front two jacking points? Or is the rear good enough? Thanx Mark
  6. It's the slave. Put in fluid, pumped the pedal multiple times so colutch was solid, watched drips start forming at slave.
  7. In relooking at master, resevoir is empty, but no visible fluid under master or in car. Think I'll fill up the resevoir and see if I can pinpoint the leak.
  8. Have been thru forum looking for these symtpoms, but didn't see exactly these: - clutch pedal goes to floor and stays - no apparent leaks up front and resovoir is full - although slave has some fluid on rubber sleeve, no apparent 'puddle under the car' - the steel clutch bracket that appears to failure regularly has not failed, and is in place as is the plunger in slave cylinder - when moving clutch pedal from normal aft position to floor (where it stays) and then manually pulling back, there is no movement by plunger in slave -- plunger always stays in same place despite movement of clutch pedal - how do I determine if the problem is the master or slave - what is the best way to get either or both out -- for salve, c-clip first or hose to slave first -- once the pluger is disconnected from bracket, does slave just slide out Thanx Mark
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