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  1. :iamwithstupid:


    I have a friend with a grey hardtop R8 with factory gunmetal wheels and black CF blades. For an R8 it looks as good as it can.


    I don't think the chrome windscreen pillars work with black wheels. If you are going to murder it out with black wheels, you would need to wrap or paint the pillars.


    Yeah I was considering wrapping/change the pillars to match some of these options, it wasn't just a wheel swap and calling it done! :lol2:


    I think I'm going gunmetal!

  2. Agree with the others, no go on the bronze wheels IMO. Black looks like it will work well.


    Car looks great. Is it manual or automatic?


    Thanks, the car is R-Tronic. I looked for 6spd too, none in this color/options/Spyder/V10 for sale in the US at the time. It's not that bad honestly but I do look forward to the dual clutch on the next car.

  3. Thanks all for the kinds words. I'm considering wheel options. For now, I'm going to refinish the OEM wheels, they're currently too chrome looking for my taste. I'm debating between black or gunmetal/dark grey/body color. Here's a Photoshop of how they'd look black. I also did a gold/bronze concept just to see it. I don't think it works on the Spyder as well as the coupes.





  4. Yesterday was a big day, I bought my first exotic! My 2011 Audi R8 V10 Spyder is in Daytona Grey Pearl with black leather. I found the car in PA and a friend from our Cars and Coffee group drove me to get it yesterday morning. I had the local Audi dealer do a PPI and the car inspected very well. It needs a little cosmetic attention so it's at Esoteric Fine Auto Finishing in New Albany for some paint correction and basic clean up. Overall, the car is fantastic and I had a nice 3+ hour drive home yesterday. Thanks to LP member Ryan335 for meeting us at the dealership to be part of it!



  5. Overall, I loved it. They're definitely finding their rhythm again but I'm sure they'll settle in. Some of the humor/bits were kind of awkward and overacted but the car segments were exactly what I loved about the former show. Their new track looks like a blast!

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