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  1. It better be. GM looks like they bet the farm on this one. I'll be curious to see how their tech holds up on the street when they start getting some mileage.
  2. Destructo

    Monterey 2019

    So who is planning on attending?
  3. They are bolt-on systems to use on a stock engine and trans. A lot of proprietary parts that they developed and build in house.
  4. So I'm going to try doing a little more on our end of promoting our sponsors. I haven't done a great job of promoting those who support our community. So a first one in line of many, I want to introduce everyone to Sheepey Race. They have been here sponsoring the Twin Turbo Huracan section, which is a growing segment of the Lamborghini market. They make a reliable street turbo system that will perform more than what 99% of Huracan buyers will ever want. This is a little video they posted about their Stage 2 Kit on the Huracan. Questions, comments, leave them here to discuss.
  5. So I'm going to assume you have something to do with the shop posted?
  6. Destructo

    Monterey 2019

    So who is in for Monterey this year? Which events are you attending and anyone looking to get together? I'm hoping this thread serves as a place holder as we get closer. Check in and let us know!
  7. I'd guess at anything they'll show that at the Quail.
  8. The Sesto has pads attached to the carbon tub, so why not?
  9. One of our members did a rebuild on it I thought Chad did? Probably a lot cheaper to rebuild with upgraded parts? I'm not sure.
  10. Very cool! Doing a lot of hiking or biking? Was that crowd a concert?
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