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  1. I've taken care of that. You should be able to PM now. Apologies for that complication.
  2. Couldn't be someone out for a walk? A car break down near by? Any homes in the vicinity? Not saying it isn't a ghost, but that would be one of the most clear and visible apparitions I've even seen caught on video.
  3. Looks sharp. I bet they caught wind of that last one that sold and want a nice little wad of cash for this. Be interested to see what it brings!
  4. Absolutely. If you pooled your entire budget of large-scale auto shows for displays, staff, food, set-up, tear down etc, doing a upscale lounge is going to be far cheaper! I mean most people that go to the lounge or either repeat customers or people who have a very good possibility of being a buyer or leaser. So you are spot on with the higher ROI. I think they big car shows will go away all together. More specialized shows draw the people they want and nearly none of who they don't. "For the times, they are a changin' "
  5. You're not wrong, but what if they are looking at it from potential buyers? I'd wager that the concentration of buyers and potential buyers is far higher at The Quail and FOS than GIMS. The state of the media and eyes on events are being covered far differently and for far less money with increased exposure than ever before. If they want eyes on product, look at one example. The Vehicle Virgins YouTube Channel, at one point was tolerable, but now has gone off the deep end, but somehow has 2.2 million subscribers. And Lamborghini has spend $0 advertising with that single channel. Sure media loans cost money (service, transport, etc), but nothing like a big show stand and display. But they loan him a car and next thing you know over 2 million people (mostly non-buyers and prepubescents) who look for brands like this are getting Lamborghini content right to their faces. Just some thoughts.
  6. That's pretty sweet! Nice to see your continued ingenuity and creativity! Keep up the great work!
  7. That's beautiful, well done and congrats! There is a local depot (turned museum) that looks nearly identical to your guest house. That's pretty cool! Shockingly, one of my neighbors around the corner has a caboose stashed on his property! They are also big rail enthusiasts.
  8. Too bad, talented guy, made a lot of history with their work. I just never cared for their music. Something about the sound of Geddy Lee's voice, I just can't do it.
  9. About damn time they started doing better stuff like this. That's awesome!
  10. Lamborghini stopped coming to the North American International Auto Show (Largest in the U.S.A.) quite a few years ago. The cost wasn't worth it to them was what I heard from multiple sources. Seems to be the move they are making then overall. It makes sense though. Especially if the models are not making drastic changes and then they are selling only a few special editions, it wouldn't be worth it (financially and logistically). A higher concentration of fans and potential buyers exists at Quail and Goodwood than anywhere else on their list I'd wager.
  11. That's what I was thinking; what kind of revs were you showing at that point? I'd think under "just the right" circumstances you could get it to slip in second, but not third. Unless you're unloading wheels in corners.
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