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  1. You're doing God's work with this project dude, major kudos for the updates! Thank you!
  2. Find any other candidates for Aventadors lately?
  3. You are 100% spot on! I'd speculate because they have no chance at purchasing most turn to being critical to make themselves feel better.
  4. I've noticed a bit of a trend with BaT and I'm wondering if I'm alone here. Previously, I really liked the site and the information and offerings it had. Prices were decent and the vehicle selection was great because it wasn't muddled down with chaff. But now it seems that the site is absolutely obliterating a lot of collector car markets with huge price inflations and making it a challenge for a lot of people to get into vintage, collector or performance vehicles. Then if you want something desirable, you're going to bend over and bring a trailer full of cash to get it. Nowadays, it really seems like the whole BaT site is loaded with over-priced, over-appreciated, and "rose-colored glasses" perspectives on cars. The "community" that bogs down with all the comments and discussion seem to be filled with obnoxious self-aggrandizing personalities. Maybe I'm just jealous of their traffic But in all honestly, the site isn't what it used to be, and now I'm curious what other sites are you guys looking at for fun cars? I've checked out Carsandbids.com for a little while and it seems to have some stuff, but it's also getting infected with stupid listings. Example, people are JAZZED over a Lumina minivan....I'm not cool enough to appreciate or understand why, but it is what it is.
  5. A boy can dream, because damn...that's an awesome collection!
  6. I've met Chip multiple times, interviewed him for a story and got to see some of his work. He's one of the nicest guy in the automotive aftermarket. He's incredibly talented, and can see he appreciates the initial design. I think Hagerty just tossed this to him and said "make a redux on a Countach" rather than him thinking he can improve on it. He even said, "If you like Lamborghini's don't mess with it" That being said, domestics are his strong suit. Give me an unmolested LP400 anyday!
  7. It's kind of an odd little ditty, but not painful to watch.
  8. Detroit actually lost exotics and even brands like Porsche in the past few years. Probably since 2012 or so. There was, like Manhattan Motorcars, the collection of dealers and some factory support doing a private expensive event nearby which was fine.
  9. Maybe check out Ring Brothers - They should be able to fab something up. https://www.ringbrothers.com/ 1.608.588.7399
  10. Any luck with Russel fittings?
  11. Monthly payment is one thing. If you are daily driving it, make sure you budget for tires and brakes regularly and find out what it's going to cost you as well as insurance. How many miles do you drive per year and what's your fuel allotment? Just make sure you have all your bases covered because if it's a stretch to get it, it's REAL easy to get in over your head.
  12. Have you replaced the fuel filter? What kind of fuel are you running through it? The higher temps lead me to think an increase in moisture and condensation is getting past the filter, and causing havoc. Not entirely positive, but i'd check that and maybe look at getting the injectors cleaned out and seeing if that helps.
  13. Found this beauty on the Robb Report coming up for auction in September. Article Link: https://robbreport.com/motors/cars/1967-lamborghini-artcurial-auction-andre-trigano-collection-2945812/ The 400 GT has to be one of my favorite vintage Lamborghini's and this one, with just over 21,000 miles looks to be an awesome addition to whomever picks this up.
  14. Here is an article, Corvette is moving program engineers into an EV program. https://www.hagerty.com/media/news/while-c8-plans-remain-unchanged-chevy-moves-corvette-engineers-to-ev-program/
  15. I believe the LARA is a rather pricey tool. Your best bet may be finding a third-party shop that has one that might be able to help you out.
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