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  1. So I've mentioned this before but wanted to post up a photo and link once we got things in a good place. We've partnered up with to bring the configurator to everyone! Powered by LamboPower! Check it out here! If you are looking to spend some time configuring your new Urus, SVJ or any other of the models, check out his site. We're happy to be working together on such a cool outlet!
  2. The Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Indio and, greater Coachella Valley area has itself a new authorized Lamborghini dealership. Say hello to Rancho Mirage, the seventh SoCal location and 38th Lamborghini dealership in the United States. Celebrated this week, the new store-front is a new look for the company. Myself, I dig the look. It feels like exactly what I'd expect a high-end business in the area to look and feel like. I love the clean look and feel, very modern Palm Springs to me. They even have a dedicated Ad Personom studio. It seems that the Urus is giving the company a great victory lap, especially with promoting the new dealership. If you've been following social media they were doing a Dynamic Launch with multiple publications in the area during the grand opening. It will be cool to see if they included the festivites in any videos that pop up here shortly.
  3. Destructo

    The Gymkhana Files Documentary

    I saw it on the end of the show on Prime, How did it not get leaked to Youtube till now?! That's impressive!
  4. Destructo

    The Heart of a 350GT - Start Up!

    Facebook won't let me embed the video, so either click the link or we have it playing on the Facebook page - @officialLamboPower
  5. Destructo

    The Heart of a 350GT - Start Up!

    The guys at Vintage Lamborghini LLC have been rebuilding a 350GT powerplant. To say it was in good shape would be a fanciful lie However, they have rebuilt this beauty and did a cold-start video. If you don't want to hear about all the details of the rebuild and just listen to the audible ecstasy, skip to 6:45. And how cool is that engine stand gauges with the Espada guages!
  6. Destructo

    They Shall Not Grow Old

    Looks awesome. The reason it probably isn't getting attention is, by comparison, it makes current generations "problems" look laughable and insignificant. I look forward to seeing this one.
  7. Destructo

    Catalyst overheat warning

    Good! I knew a recall but I didn't think that was the one. I may have been the Murcielago issue more.
  8. Destructo

    Catalyst overheat warning

    Yeah, I thought this was a circumstance that led to a few cars burning up.
  9. Destructo

    Going to Dubai then the Maldives

    I hear on the main drag (Sheikh Zayed Road,) in Dubai there are some impressive dealerships on the main drag. Doubt you'll see much for car stuff in the Maldives?
  10. Destructo

    Pastors wife gets a Urus

    Is this the same guy that told his congregation he needed to update his plane to a G6?
  11. Destructo


    ALSO If those of you who have Lambo Owner status, and would like, there is a closed Owners Only Group on the Facebook group. It's not public, but it's another avenue for you to connect with other owners if you feel the desire to participate. To Join: 1. Like the Facebook Group. Search - @officialLamboPower 2. PM me here your name, and associated email, I will verify things line up, and boom you're done. There you go!
  12. Destructo

    McLaren Senna

  13. Destructo

    Aventador SV-J Discussion and New Information

    You're one of the good ones, never leave! That being said, if I were in your shoes? Will this be the only Lamborghini in the stable or are you holding onto the other? The car should never be about what others think. If you love it, then it doesn't matter if the casual observer knows the difference. Those who know the difference will, and while that doesn't even matter, the true enthusiasts will appreciate your choice. The Aventador successor will I'm sure "Break the Internet" but is the desire for what's latest and greatest in the eyes of yourself, or for the group? The last Aventador will logically be the most sorted-out and trouble-free car; while the new one will have growing-pains no doubt. It's not an easy decision to make, but I'm no expert on the blue-chip side of things. I'd speculate, and others may disagree, but I'd think the SVJ will grow in value farther down the line rather than initially. But others will know more than I do in that respect.
  14. Destructo

    FS: Dymags for Gallardo

  15. Destructo

    Doug Demuro reviews the Koenigsegg Agera RS1

    Very cool car. Doug is as white as that goodness, and I thought I had pale skin.