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  1. It's coming soon, the exclusive EVO RWD Spyder review. Just a little teaser from the drive....
  2. No, i think pictures should be posted up indeed and as quickly as possible!
  3. Awesome stuff! Thanks for sharing this one.
  4. Excellent! You do it yourself?
  5. More details at Motor1 Article: Article Link, Click Here Anyone want to speculate what if any changes are going to happen?
  6. Looking back is the worst! it'll eat you right up!
  7. Everything has a price. All joking aside, would anyone think of potentially positive things that could come if they get sold off?
  8. Yeah it does! Love your work!
  9. I LOVE IT! That's awesome, bet you can't wait!
  10. I thought it might have been Whiteout's system he's talked about too.
  11. I just love to see stuff sorted out in the aftermarket and motivated people, very clean!
  12. That looks incredible! Hopefully smooth sailing from this point. Been quite the journey!
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