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  1. He's gotten far worse recently. That'll probably be the last one of his I post. But the good news is he is shilling how to boost your credit score in his videos!
  2. Good idea! I'll look into it. I believe it can happen if you log in via a social channel like Facebook, but it posts the persons account name, which not everyone is cool with. Let me do some digging and see what is available.
  3. I suppose I should clear the air here a second. If you are coming here looking for a place full of "yes men" who tow the company line that the latest thing they make it "THE GREATEST" Lamborghini made yet, or a place where a brand we all love and enjoy, is without criticism, you are gravely mistaken. If all you want is rainbow's and unicorn farts about these cars, this is most definitely the wrong place for you. A lot of people new to the brand are VERY excited about it and don't like to see any negative things about it because they take it as a personal attack. Usually because they haven't been around long enough to be through some cycles of the company. But as with anything in life, it's the ying and the yang. The good and the bad, the bitter and the sweet. You can't have one without the other. If all you wanted were glowing car reviews with nary a criticism or critique or suggestion for an alternative, then you're delusional and only looking to perpetuate a fantasy that is not rooted in reality. That being said, there are plenty of buyers who are willing to believe whatever the marketing department tells them is special and willing to shell out large sums of cash because they were "told it's special from the factory." That's great and corporate loves that! As they should, it's a cash cow and they end up usually being the loudest in the room bragging about their "special" car in a room full of people with more impressive inventory. Now that we've cleared that up, many of us here (owners and non-owners alike, myself being in the latter) love the brand but aren't blind to it's faults. We're actually working on putting together an official review of an Urus for the site as we speak, and are very excited about it. So if you think that this site and its members are hellbent on tearing the brand down I can't help you. If you can't accept criticism of something strictly because you like it, I can't help you. And if you are upset by any of this, again, I can't help you. But if you can tolerate others with a differing opinion from yours, and are open to the fact that nothing here is infallible and without fault, and if you can have a thick skin, then by all means, welcome to the bullpen.
  4. The Urus is a collection of shared parts, it may be a new vehicle, but it shares a platform with the Q7, the Bentley and Rolls SUV's. It's a high-performance Audi with a Lamborghini body. Nothing wrong with that, but let's not pretend it's something it's not. If you are citing the Jalopnik article as a source for Bugatti losing that much money per Veyron, you need to look for new sources. Jalopnik is nothing more than yellow journalism hellbent on sensationalism and bullshit. I went to college with one of the editors whom was a habitual liar and blow hard (Jalopnik was a natural place for them to end up I suppose). According to a Business Insider article (all of which is more than 6 years old) the numbers are approximate and according to Bugatti sources "the quoted figures of Bernstein Research are not plausible." With that in mind, the Veyron hasn't changed terribly much from it's original execution. Sure updates have been had, but have they done that much to the car? From my understanding it's just continued upgrades. The engine structure remains the same, it's a beefed up W16 for the Chiron over the Veyron. So i'd think they are making a healthy margin the more they draw it out and sell "special editions" and that is Winkelmann's specialty.
  5. Very cool! How much of the Mother Road have you driven? A dream of mine was start to finish on Route 66 taking the back roads as much as possible. Looks like a blast!
  6. Published asking or published as sold for?
  7. He's all set. I'll have some working back to do in general with the potential spam bot filter, but i'll put some time in to reverse it. There is a new way, i think, of filtering those out.
  8. That makes a lot more sense. I did the old fashioned clay bar by hand on a Mini Cooper and it took me like 8+ hours without wax or polish (by hand). So yeah, the power tools are where it's at!
  9. This would be the one I'd snag if i could. Beautiful car. I'm sure you'll get some offers!
  10. Seems fairly quick with a clay bar. And a polish and wax? You're faster than I am with that stuff hahah
  11. I've really come to appreciate the perspective and video's from Harry's Garage. An awesome video about life with the 1991 Lamborghini Diablo!
  12. Looks like the one with blanks was a render. So they put Automatic cylinder deactivation shut off in one, and the other I can't quite tell. Lane departure warning off? Love 3d printed stuff, neat to see it making into more vehicles.
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