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  1. Destructo

    06 Murcie spoiler

    Can you look around to see if any debris is near the moving parts? Does it fully deploy and retract and seat?
  2. Destructo

    Sold the Huracan... What Next?!?

    If the FF is for more function, why not a URUS?
  3. Destructo


    Excellent! Post some photos when it arrives!
  4. Destructo

    So What Happened?! Details Inside

    Fortis I think has been around, I also thought VCR. We lost a lot, but we’ve been here before. Spread the word we are back and we’ll grow again.
  5. Destructo

    So What Happened?! Details Inside

    As far as to individual posts?
  6. Destructo

    Urus is unbelievable!

    Post some more photos of yours, spec looks great! And congrats!
  7. Destructo

    Something new !

    Love the testerossa in white. Nice snag!
  8. Destructo


    That might be Lamborghini Club America NorCal Lambo Club drive this weekend.
  9. Destructo

    Powerball/Mega Millions combined $999MM

    This is starting to piss me off i only play when it’s over a certain threshold, and now I’ve played more in the past 2 weeks than I have in 3 years haha!
  10. This makes sense. I appreciate the write up. I went and watched the video on your channel explaining it all and it is much more clear. I think the DDE video doesn’t do the car justice as far as all the goodness that has gone into it. I also understand that’s not really the video for diving into the details of a build. But none the less, glad to see you back and make sure you post your videos and give some regular updates. The STS is a unicorn. Are you sticking around BC for a while or just passing through?
  11. Destructo

    -- Lambo Power is Looking for Content Creators ! --

    I think you could have some awesome write ups on your cars.
  12. Destructo

    Powerball/Mega Millions combined $999MM

    Probably not worth playing then