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  1. The old days are gone sadly. However, I’m working on getting a software to the board and a new skin to help make things more streamlined. Trying to format to work with how people connect is the biggest hurdle.
  2. What a disappointment if accurate. A blend of Sian, Huracan and Aventador. I suppose I should pay more attention, but since the announcement of a hybrid I’ve paid so little attention to it…just bleh.
  3. That’s awesome. How was the preview event? At a dealer or off-site?
  4. We're not all gone, just a bit distracted. That being said, its time for an overhaul.
  5. It's a tricky thing this board. And I wish I could say it will be back and better than ever, but it may not be that way. I'm trying to figure out some things on the back end to get stuff back, but between life and full time work and family, there isn't much left in the time sheet. That being said, there are a couple things I have planned that may help out. But it's a slow roll out. Any ideas I'm open too, so don't hold back. I love the discussion you guys are putting out. Thanks for sticking around and checking it out.
  6. Let me look into it this weekend. My apologies, life has been a bit hectic. Am finally trying to dig out of a hole here and on our social channels.
  7. Hey there, can you shoot me a PM via guest? We'll pick it up from there.
  8. Good to see you around still Jim, hope the projects continue. Always happy to see what stuff you are making these days!
  9. Look into Herman Miller products. They are quality stuff. Pricey, but good.
  10. You looking for office or home?
  11. Always thought these springs made the car look 100X better!
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