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  1. Fortis, we are going back in circles here. I don't own an LP720, I bought and sold one yes. The one currently for sale is an ex Perth car, that is all.
  2. 4, they're all yellow and all coupes
  3. No matter at what angle you look at it, you just don't get sick of looking at an Aventador. Scud, have you decided upon which colour you like best?
  4. Correct the car for sale is a different car, no hard feelings and no legal cards we are here to enjoy ourselves
  5. That is a different LP720, look closely...! No frauds here thanks guys, everyone tries to scoop up stuff but all clean and sweet, keep searching... Thanks for the compliments much appreciated but please don't ever refer to either TG or myself as a fraud. This is really close to defamation.
  6. All good, I'm aware of your current deal anyway so all smooth there, I work in with TG so you could ask him that...
  7. Ok to set this straight, I have never claimed that I own something which I don't, especially online when things can be found out and when I'm well known, that would be embarrassing. In regards to the ThethetheFerrari I know the owner so all is well and I shared images on Instagram but didn't make any claim. Most of the cars on Instagram were owned by me or are owned by me one stage or another. As for the LP720, Scud made a ridiculous offer online which I wasn't going to accomodate unless a proper and genuine offer was made which could be in person or over the phone otherwise I take it as a joke which is what I gathered. Is there a need to prove that the complete wheels with tyres including installation is worth as much as I said, that is what Lamborghini Sydney says they're worth so simply give them a call. Why would I post such info online if it is false and I could be easily corrected? I am not here to argue or cause problems, I am a fellow enthusiast that absolutely loves and adores cars like no one would believe and I only post so that like minded enthusiasts can enjoy sharing each other's experiences. Btw I deleted my Instagram 2 weeks ago due to unnecessary attention and locals coming uninvited to our private premises which really is uncool. You can verify who I am and ask around and you will genuinely find out, more than welcome to do so.
  8. Sorry, what is it exactly that needs to be proven? whether I paid for them or stole them? they are publicly on the car are they not? Unless there's a problem that they're on that particular car
  9. Didn't know things had to come to that... fortunately I am at home and away from my accounts dept.
  10. I suggest someone on here to call up an Aus Lambo dealer and ask them
  11. Cheers Glen, what is the current RRP on the setup?
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