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  1. Where are all the Jalpa owners? Someone must have a small block like in the picture mounted just above the drivers headlight motor? It was mentioned that it may be part of the Alpine security system that was on some cars.......must be another car with that somewhere?
  2. I have an 86 Jalpa and in the front bonnet, on the drivers side, just above the electric headlight motor, is a small electric amplifier attached to the upper frame,it has 3 wires that go into it. What is the orientation that the wires are attached to the electronics? The wires are: White, White & Black, and Orange .....which wire goes to #1, #2, and #3 ? [see the attached images below
  3. Have an 86 Jalpa and the drivers headlight wont pop up. Is there a fuse or a fix that can happen? How do I remove the headlight motor?
  4. I have an 84 Jalpa and somehow I lost the lower heat control Knob. Any ideas where I can get one?? Glenn
  5. finkiedog

    Need a Wing

    Give who a call??? and do you have a picture of the wing on your car? finished results always worth a thousand words. Glenn
  6. finkiedog

    Need a Wing

    I would like to get a Wing for my Jalpa.....bought a delta wing but not correct for car. I want one that was off a Jalpa so it mounts proper. In Any shape
  7. Last thing Mr. Kerplop.........if you could tell me which of the fuses was the brake fuse would be great.....Blue, White, or Red???
  8. Took a chance and jumped the wires and the brake lights came on.......got the multimeter clipped on to the check switch and hit the pedal and the circuit closed ......hooked wires back up and Abracadabra!!!! brake lights!!!! Must have been a bad connection. Thank you for your guidance...GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!!! Now I can go for cars and coffee with that car.....I took my Urraco last time and the boys love seeing that one out as well.
  9. Found the check switch...it is down there hard to get at ....I got the 2 wires off and have my battery cut off on so there is no power. when I check for power on the red wire it is hot 11.8 V.....and I check the yellow green and it is also hot 11.8V...? I s that the way it is to be? Not sure if I should jump them together?
  10. will start with that when I get home....thanks for the information.
  11. All of a sudden I have no brake lights and they did work before....where are the fuses that I should check? which ones? is there a relay in the front bonnet on passenger side wall that is part of the brake light? any thoughts??? This is a 1986 Jalpa
  12. The guy parting out already sold that part...and I was looking for a real wing and new rear bonnet and those went to Japan. I checked GT car parts nothing there, any other sources?
  13. I need a new or used alternator cover/shield for my 86 Jalpa. Any thoughts where to start the search?
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