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  1. At least under these conditions. A regular runway/street surface. 3 Options here: 1. Run on a prepared surface (drag strip) 2. Switch to drag radials (which they already do in roll racing) 3. Hope for a Huracan Super Trofeo Stradale to be released (lighter weight, even more downforce)
  2. Ive been suggesting putting down some VHT or prepare the 1/2 mile in advance for some time now. I know its addtional cost, but traction at 1/4 mile tracks is a completely different world compared to a dusty runway. I would guess if the cars are not traction limited by the surface of the track, we would easily see trap speeds 5-10mph higher if not more. The yellow car did 230mph in the rolling quarter mile at TX2k. If they did 1/2 mile racing from that start point at Royal Purple Raceway and put down most of the power that would rocket the yellow car in the 270s no problem
  3. Im sure attempts will be made tomorrow! 257.88 is amazing for the first day and getting things dialed in.
  4. Underground Racing is probably NC biggest single customer of Toyo tires haha. I think the R888 has been the best choice for a street application they have had since they started building twin turbo lamborghinis. They have tried some hoosier 18inch radials for the quarter mile and TX2K as well as TI lately. Also a Nitto NT05R für the DCT version. But for high speed runs like 260+ i would only trust the R888R's. They have a speed rating for over 186mph+, a very stiff side wall and good experience with them. I would not neccesarily swap them after each event. A half mile run only takes 12-14 seconds and barely changes anything grip or tread wise. Its a solid tire. Im sure they check pressure and condition of the tire thoroughly before these events though for optimal safety and traction. I do believe however the high HP DCT builds will become more popular. UGR will also get some good 1/4 mile competiton from heffner and others. Then their own clients might want to switch from the sequential to the DCT transmission and start drag racing. Half mile events seem super fun. However where is this going to end? 270? 280? 300? Its pretty crazy right now already. And as Kevin has said they can prove all they need to in the half mile compared to a full mile. My gut tells me that this will change to "we can prove everything in the 1/4 now". 3000whp+ is easily enough to go 220mph with a mid 6second time with a perfect run. What more do you want? That is my future prediction Hell, put a 15inch tire in the rear, some twin 88s or 91s, boost at 60-70 psi and run a 5 second pass and embarrass the GTR world forever
  5. My guess would be 205-210. They could share their vbox numbers since they had one on the dash if im not mistaken. Im not sure they will though because even though they broke the record again the run wasnt perfect with the missed shift. But who cares honestly. Impressive nonetheless
  6. Its on Shift-S3ctors facebook page. Alternatively 1320video or revvolution.com
  7. I really enjoyed the live stream throughout. Great coverage from various angles (starting line, track, post run interviews with the drivers). Best live coverage of a 1/2 mile racing event thus far. Really appreciated! Just amazes me how streetable the car looks as well. No chute, no drag tires, no gutted interior. Basically a true street car with some monstrous turbos and magic tuning by John Reed. Must be so much work to get all of the shiny billet hardware work together. But it sure did. What a performance and way more to come shortly im sure
  8. The times are over when people claimed lambos can not launch from a dig. The R8 GT and the yellow UR4 were the hardest launching cars of the entire event! On 19 inch street tires. Not even a drag radial. Amazing work!
  9. New world record!!! 259.66mph! What an effort! And KC even shifted manually and had to momentarily let off during the run.
  10. Is UGR still using VP Import for the X3 with the billet block?
  11. True that. At sea level there is about 40% more oxygen compared to 9000-10000ft DA
  12. No they stopped rolling onto the track. They are able to do some pretty crazy launches with these 6 speed sequentials! Even without the dct
  13. Shift Sector and Wannagofast should both consider putting down some prep from the starting line. To aid launches / 1st-2nd gear traction Something like this: Just remember in March how sticky the Royal Purple Raceway was. Your feet were glued to the ground and there were 0 traction issues for anyone
  14. Nope. No updates for today anymore. UGR took home first place with 244mph for the first day. Maybe more to come tomorrow By the way....they had a pretty strong headwind this time. Maybe they could just go down the other direction of the runway tomorrow. 15-20mph headwinds are not helping at 250mph LOL
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