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  1. Thanks so much for all the very helpful information guys. I'll let you know how the battery change goes when I get around to it. Take care, and be well--Brock
  2. Hi everybody! I hope that all is well. Can somebody please tell me the location of the Correct jacking point to lift the rear end of my 2004 Murcielago to replace my battery? The service manual I have has a diagram showing this jacking point, but I am not certain about its location, as said diagram lacks detail and measurements. I also need to know the correct jack stand points. Also, can somebody recommend a good reasonably priced rolling hydraulic jack, and jack stands for me to replace the battery in my 2004 Murcielago (hopefully, these are items that I can buy at Harbor Freight Tools, Auto
  3. How are you guys?! Can somebody please tell me what the Correct/Best Power Steering/Lifting System oil is for my 2004 Murcielago. The service manual I have lists the correct oil as AGIP DEXRON II; however, I don't believe that this oil is manufactured any more. Hopefully, this is something that I can buy at AutoZone, Advance Auto Parts, etc. Also, what areas should I check for Power Steering/Lifting System oil leaks. I think that the Murcielago is currently harder to steer, and the Front Lifting System only works partially/intermittently, and shows an error message on the dashboard when I acti
  4. How are you JanDaMan? Thanks so much for your helpful advice, and safety recommendations. I suspected a lock actuator problem or a door alignment problem . I'll certainly let you know if I discover what the problem is, so that I can possibly help you with your door problem in the future. Thanks again--Bob
  5. How are you gmendoza? Thanks so much for your your help. I have been researching these problems, and I believe that you are right about a faulty brake pedal switch--this is a very common problem among Murcielagos. You have to step on the break peal to shift out of neutral, and the egear sometimes won't shift only when I am in neutral. The fact that the egear sometimes won't shift into Reverse, leads me me to believe that that my paddle shifters micro switches are not the cause, as reverse is activated by pressing a button on the dashboard. I checked my hydraulic fluid level and my battery whic
  6. How are you tpamurci? Thanks so much for your very helpful reply. I attempted to contact your friend, and hope to hear from him soon. I don't mind paying for repairs, but I do hate spending a fortune on diagnostics to discover the problem, and getting ripped off in general. Thanks so much for helping me to possibly discover my problem with my e-gear shifting. Hope that you solve your problems with your doors--I suspect a lock actuator problem or a door alignment problem . I'll certainly let you know if I discover what the problem is, so that I can possibly help you with your door problem in th
  7. How are you everybody? I hope that you are all doing well and staying safe during this difficult time. I purchased an outstanding 2004 Balloon White E Gear Lamborghini Murcielago back in 2014. I have had all the cosmetic issues fixed; but never got around to repairing the three major problems with the car. I live in Connecticut, and I don't drive it much--only in the Summer. I was wondering if any of you can please help me to determine the possible cause(s) of these 3 problems, as perhaps you experienced them yourself with your car. The main problem with the car is that after driving it for ab
  8. Hello again. Also need new OEM 2004 Murcielago USA English Owners Manual and Service Manual--didn't realize that they were so expensive!!! Have an OEM 2003 Murcielago USA English Owners Manual in good condition for trade, etc. to help me obtain said manual. Thanks again for all your great help--Bob
  9. How are you guys? I did end up buying the 2004 Murcielago in pearl white and am extremely happy with it. Had the shift points adjusted and it shifts smoothly for me. Am currently in the process of fixing some minor issues. My control button graphics are fading/peeling off, and I need to know the best fix for this problem. Are replacement button graphics (stickers or decals) available; as I would imagine that new buttons would be very expensive to buy and install. I understand that this is a common problem for the Murcielago. Thanks so much for your help guys; and as I learn more about this inc
  10. How are you Limey. I need a OEM 2004 Lamborghini Owners Manual and Service Manual. Can you please quote me your best price. Thanks so much--Brock.
  11. Sorry Guys, I meant 2004 Murci!!!- I know that there is no such thing as a 2014 Murci! Thanks for all the great advice guys--Bob
  12. Thanks so much for all the great responses guys--this is a great forum. I was interested in the white 2014 Murci currently being sold by Universal Motor Sports in Long Island. A salesman there told me that if I drive it normal and don't beat on it, that the Egear system will provide me with a smooth ride. I like to open up cars on the highway; but I prefer to gradually work up to high speeds--I'm not a racer. Is it true that the 2014 egear works well/ smooth if you don't drive the car hard? Also are you sure that the 2014 will end up costing me a lot in repairs. If so, I am disappointed to let
  13. Thanks so much for your thoughtful responses Chipster and Grassman--I truly appreciate it as this is a big decision for me. I live in Fairfield County Connectcut, and the car is located in Long Island, NY. My only concern now is the 2004 Murci bening the first year for egear--I have no experience with paddle shifting. Is there a significant difference in egear performance from the 2004 Murci, to the 2005 and beyond Murci models? Is so, should I hold out for a 2005?; and will a later model Murci with low miles cost me much more? Thanks so much again for sharing your knowledge and wisdom about
  14. How are you. My name is Bob and I am new to this forum. I am currently in the market for buying my first Lamborghini---a beautiful white 2004 Murcielago Coupe with 12800 miles on it. Options include E-Gear Paddle Shift; Kenwood DNX7140 Touchscreen with Satellite Navigation; Bluetooth iPod Connection; Rear View Camera; Focal Speakers JL Audio Amplifier; K 40 Caliber Radar Detection System;Clear Bra on Front Bumper; Tinted Taillights; Lambo OC Exhaust. Dealer is asking about 135,000 for it. Clutch has about 50% life remaining; brakes are good. Dealer told me that all major aspects of car are in
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