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  1. yumaverick

    Will Performantes Hold Value?

    Coupe. FC Kerbeck Lamborghini ask for Greg Guys!
  2. yumaverick

    Will Performantes Hold Value?

    6 months and a 2019 model
  3. yumaverick

    Will Performantes Hold Value?

    I got one for 17k under MSRP and I got to Spec the car. Supposed to send the funds tomorrow (10% Deposit). I could prob get 20k if someone else wants to get in with me.
  4. yumaverick

    Nth Moto Issue Resolved

    As many of you have noticed, I’ve taken down my recent posts I made about Nth Moto. I wanted to take a minute to say that Nth Moto and I have come to a satisfactory agreement to resolve the issues regarding the Lamborghini and am happy with Nth Moto’s professionalism in resolving this matter. Aaron and I both wish things would have been handled differently. Thank you, Anthony Taylor
  5. yumaverick

    Huracan Performante Pricing

    Hey Guys, Curious if you know of any dealers selling Performante's 5% or more back of MSRP? Thanks in advance! Anthony
  6. yumaverick

    Current Performante market

    Can you PM the contact info for the sales guy you dealt with their? Looking to order one custom spec. Thank you in advance!
  7. yumaverick

    Current Performante market

    I know the owner of that car. His bottom number is 32X. I spoke to him yesterday. Nice and honest guy.
  8. Congrats Sal! Glad you found one that you liked! See you here in Vegas in April Bro! The car looks great UGR and crew.
  9. Congrats Ross and UGR well deserved win! It was impressive to watch this car go rounds in person.
  10. Congrats on the win Ross and Underground Racing! Definitely some impressive driving Ross. Good seeing and hanging out with you as always. Hope to see you guys at an event soon. Anthony
  11. yumaverick

    TT Lambo Sunday Cruise

    Cars look and sounds great guys!
  12. Thanks bro! Really appreciate that