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  1. 99viper


    Weather is getting better, and finally had my baby detailed. A very talented photographer came by and snapped some pics. Enjoy!
  2. Thanks again everyone! Can't wait to drive her again! These gravel-cover winter Kansas roads are a nightmare. Can it be summer already? lol
  3. Thanks everyone! I still have to pinch myself when I see it in my garage. The car is all stock except a Fabspeed exhaust and aftermarket radio head. I will leave the exhaust, but probably replace the radio head with the stock one, since the one I have now is a really annoying flip out touch screen. I'd be interested in a Double Din, but from the limited research I've done, it seems to be a pain.
  4. After many years of lusting and hard work (4 of those years owning a Gallardo) I finally got my dream car. I can't get over how much I love the Murci!
  5. 99viper

    PPI Question

    Hi All, I have a deposit on a Murcielago in Southern Florida from a reputable dealership. The deal is all but done, but I want a thorough PPI done on the car. I seem to have terrible luck with mechanics, and all either want the car taken to them (which the dealership doesn't seem to want to do), don't do PPIs, or flake out. The dealership is willing to have any mechanic use their lift and any tools they have to accomplish the PPI. When I bought my Gallardo, it was from a private owner who took the car to the mechanic for the PPI; I'm not sure if this is typical of dealers? The first mechanic I spoke to said he would drive to the dealership, but never contacted the dealer, and quit answering my emails. The second mechanic is about 40 minutes away, but said he was too busy to go to the dealership, and requested the car be taken to him. I spoke to the sales manager and he recommended that their service department could perform the PPI. I indicated that I am concerned about there being a conflict of interest, and he indicated that the sales and service department are two separate entities, and if I pay them for a PPI they are obligated to disclose everything wrong with the car. I think I already know the answer to this question, but is it a bad idea to let the dealership do a PPI on the car they are selling? Again, my concern is a conflict of interest, but maybe I'm being paranoid. If anyone knows a reputable mechanic in the Southern Florida area (Ft. Lauderdale, Palm Beach, Jupiter, Pompano Beach, or Miami) who would be willing to commute, I'd appreciate any referrals. Thanks!
  6. So after scouring the internet for years I could never find a good comparison pic of the Gallardo and Murci. At best I would find a Gallardo spyder and Murcielgo hard-top or SV Murcielago and regular Gallardo; or 2 cars with distinctly different colors. Well... the wait is over. My friend finally had his beautiful LP Murcielago delivered on Friday night... we cruised around on Sunday, had lunch, and literally jammed up the parking lot from people taking pics of the "Lambros." I've had the pleasure of driving a Murcielago, so if any of you have questions or want more pics let me know. Enjoy!
  7. Thanks Intence! And Frank, yup! Agreed to a deal barring any major mechanical issues found in the PPI. Thanks again for all of your help!
  8. I'm looking for a mechanic to perform a PPI on a car I'm purchasing. The car is coming from Lamborghini Palm Beach, so I was wondering if anyone knew of a good independent mechanic in the area. Thanks!
  9. Mods, I goofed up. Can you please move this to the Vehicles for sale -> Lamborghinis for sale board? Thanks!
  10. Up for sale is my beautiful 2004 Gated Manual Gallardo. The car is finished in Grigio Altair Metallic. The car includes aftermarket Ray’s Racing (Volk) 20” black wheels which really makes the stock yellow calipers pop. The car features some rare options for 2004 which include electric and heated seats and the highly desired glass bonnet. The car has 24,200 miles, and has been meticulously maintained; this car has never been damaged or in an accident. Full service records are included; the clutch was doing at ~10k miles. Additionally I have a Lamborghini car cover, manual and book, trunk tool kit, and both key FOBs. For those that prefer to bring the car back to stock, the stock wheels with tires, nose, driveshaft, and steering wheel are including with sale. A set of catalytic convertors can be included for additional cost. Below is a list of the tasteful and desired mods on this car (most done by Auto Talent). I have had the pleasure of owning this car for over 3 years, and am sad to let my baby go, and am asking $105,888. Please feel free to PM for any questions or additional information. Thanks for looking! Exterior Mods: RSC Tuning LP 560 Nose w/Carbon Fiber front splitter and stock grills RSC Tuning Smoked Front Bumper Reflectors 6000K HID Lights Ray’s Racing (Volk) 20” Matte Black Wheels with Continental Conti-Sport 3’s (good life left on tires) Matte Black Exhaust Tips Clear Bra on nose, side sills, and lower rear Interior Mods: Silver Piping on Seats LP 560 Steering Wheel Aluminum switch kit (on center console) Audio Mods: Kenwood Excelon Dual-DIN Touch Screen DVD Head Unit w/ Navigation and Rear View Camera Audison 3-Channel Amplifier JL Audio 8-Inch Subwoofer Suspenion Mods: KW Variant 3 Suspension (ride height can be adjusted) Brake Mods: Girodisc Front & Rear 2-Piece Floating Brake Rotors Drivetrain Mods: Auto Talent Custom Carbon Fiber 1-Piece Driveshaft Engine Mods: Quicksilver Race Exhaust with Fabspeed test pipes (This car sounds unreal) Fabspeed Secondary Valve Bypass Pipes Fabspeed Carbon Fiber Airboxes with red silicone hoses BMC Air Filters
  11. Thanks for the insight FrankD. I was not aware that it was in such bad shape. At that price I wasn't expecting collector car quality, but not $20k worth of work. Cclassiscs. I was referring to the Grigio '03 manual they had. I spoke to the same gentlemen, Wayne was his name I believe. He told me the same thing, but if it only needed 6-7k worth of work, why would they wholesale it instead of retail it? I've seen a clean '03 black Murci on Car Gurus for $152. Looks like a clean car, but I have to have a Grigio car.
  12. Hey guys! Thanks a ton for the replies. I finally got a call back, and they let me know that the car I was interested in (6 speed Grigio Murci) has had a lot of nit-noin mechanical issues, and they just decided to wholesale the car. The search continues... thanks again!
  13. Unfortunately Lamborghini Palm Beach has a specific car that I'm looking for. It's frustrating that I've been sending emails and have been calling asking simple questions about the car for the past 2 weeks. I currently reside in Kansas, and just wanted to make sure the car is exactly what I want before taking time off of work to fly down to Fl. Thanks for the recommendation though.
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