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  1. Hej guys, back here again and now there is a few R tires for 20” wheel avaible for gallardo. i used 19” now with Toyo R888R, but wonder if its sage to use the new setup that AR-1 have for gallardo for 20”? combo is 245/35-20 front and 305 or 315/30-20” on the rear, thats okej for the awd system and diff ratio or what you guys say that know about this? thanks
  2. Look great man ! Yes thats the thing now that the dont have any 315 or 325 rear anymore... and you have problem to get the power down with the cup tires on 1000whp? Gonna be even harder with the PS2 then i Think :/ Love the 20" but i want traction so not sure how to do, at what power did the cup 2 tires hook up? was it only after 1000whp you have problem with traction ? Thanks for your reply!
  3. Yes you right, but the Toyo dont have any tires for 20" that fits Gallardo. 345 is to wide rear for it. Have 325 now and thats wrong combo they told me for the diff. 235 front and 325 rear. i need to Swift to 245 front and 315 rear or 235 front and 305 rear..but i dont find any good tire for that. Maybe try sell or trade them against 19" Wheels instead :/
  4. As the topic says... I wonder what tires you guys use on your Gallardo Twin turbos ? I gonna but on ha 1200TT kit on mine now and have 20" ADV1 Wheels on it put hard to fine the right tire combo. its 20x8,5 front and 20x12 rear. Want to have good traction for the Power so Heard that i need to go down to 19" Wheels ? I like 20" but want the dry grip for Twin turbo Power to hm. So wonder what you guys say about that ? Regards. /Robin
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