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  1. I wonder if you know mikestyle because he had the same problem as me ? see http://www.lambopower.com/forum/lofiversio...php/t44705.html . Thank you
  2. Hello, It shakes if im in neutral or just cursing down the road. Past 2200rpm the vibration is gone .For mikestyle it is no longer on the forum. see: http://www.lambopower.com/forum/lofiversio...php/t44705.html .Thank you
  3. I wonder if you know someone who has had the same problem as me and that solved the problem. I saw on the forum that a member (mikestyle) has the same problem than me.Thank you
  4. Excuse me I speak french Hey i just received my gallardo se 06 e-gear with 37 km, is it normal for the car to shake when in and around of 2000 rpm? The car runs great however im not sure if the shake is normal, it shakes if im in neutral or just cursing down the road.Thank you
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