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  1. I am out $33k on what I paid DIME Racing. Worse case I can sell the kit for $15-20k as someone will purchase it because the hardware isn't bad -- it's just the tuning is shit. There are a lot of overseas tuners that will buy the kit from me so I will recoup some of my money. As for legal... I am not sure what financial state DIME Racing is in so I would have to do some digging. They obviously cannot pay their rent and they cannot pay for their Huracan lease payment so suing them might take a lot of money (attorney fees for litigation is expensive) and get me $0 in the long run. I am
  2. I am sorry to say this... But I would bet your parts are NOT there. They ignored my request for pics of the car and parts for months (list of excuses): Our advertising team doesn't want pics released until it's 100% complete We don't want our IP released We don't want to send you the pics because we have sent customer's pics before and they leaked Ahhh I really don't want to send pics because they always leak Sure, I will snap some pics and send them to you by end of day Yeh, I will snap some pics when I get to the shop and send them over -- it might not be until end of the day t
  3. I am the person in Parker's video. I purchased the Huracan in spring and my original plan was to enjoy the car over the summer (as is) and send it to UGR at start of winter -- we only have 4 months of good season driving in Kansas. DIME Racing's name popped up here and there so I reached out to several people who had the DIME kit on their car -- both people said it was great. So I reached out to DIME Racing (boy what a mistake). DIME Racing promised turnaround time of 2 weeks which was reasonable given the offer a "bolt on kit". So I thought "great, i can transport the car to them, 2
  4. Beware of DIME Racing! They ruined several twin turbo builds including the build they completed on my 2015 Lamborghini Huracan! They are financially unstable; they defaulted on payments for their shop car (Lamborghini Huracan) and defaulted on rent payments for their shop located in Huntington Beach, California. Speed Society Article: http://speedsociety.com/buyer-beware-one-c...ng-development/ Failure to Pay Rent: https://www.scribd.com/document/358758961/D...plaint-Document Failure to Pay Lamborghini Huracan (shop car): https://www.docdroid.net/jfVriNQ/dime
  5. This is a 2015 Huracan seat disassembled. The item on the lower left is the passenger occupancy sensor connected to a VW ECU. The sensor is a very thin piece of material made by Body Sense: https://www.iee.lu/en/products/automotive/bodysense
  6. I have been talking to Alexander at Europrice. Is there a part number on that yellow plug? Is there a part number on the occupancy sensor? What seats are you mounting in your car? Brian
  7. Holy Crap! Looks like the bottom part of the seat needs to come out. Oh boy... This outta be fun! Brian
  8. I looked on their site and couldn't find the parts. I sent a "Contact Us" inquiry to them as well. Any chance you have the part numbers that you ordered? I want to make sure I get the correct parts from them. Thanks! Brian
  9. I am a bigger guy (250lb bodybuilder) with a very wide back. The OEM seats in my 2015 Huracan are a too narrow for me especially the bolsters up top. I ordered a set of Technocraft T5 seats that should work given they are wide and supposedly very comfortable (even though they don't look comfy lol). I am looking for an Air Bag Seat canceller and I noticed BRIDE makes one but they doesn't specifically list Lamborghini although VW might work. Has anyone swapped out their OEM seats for aftermarket? If so which canceller did you go with? Brian
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