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  1. The best ever in my opinion - feels very special and a potential keeper. Perhaps we will get some official production numbers later this year when they stop production? A few more shots attached
  2. Just a quick update - sold the yellow Huracan last week after 2 years of great fun and nearly 11,000 km.
  3. Thanks so much - that helped a lot!!
  4. So here it is - done the first 500km the past days - and so far I am quite honestly blown away...
  5. Any tips on the best breaking-in practice? I have yet to receive owners manual in English so any tips would be appreciated (PDF of a manual would be amazing)
  6. Decision has been made - will update this post in a few days
  7. Has anyone tried the new Michelin Pilot Sport 4S on a Huracan yet?
  8. Has anyone tried the new Michelin Pilot Sport 4S on a Huracan yet?
  9. There was great document listing the differences between 2015 and 2016 - does anyone have a list of 2016 vs 2017? Thanks in advance
  10. I did have the opportunity to test drive the Huracan - feeling pretty convinced I must say.
  11. Wow - thanks for your comprehensive reply - that is pretty much spot on how I feel - I want to love the Aston but you feel like it is cheating on you. I am worried that the Huracan will be too "loud" not only sound wise but attention wise too. To make matters worse the one I am looking at is yellow with black rims. I guess "You only live twice" and if you go Lamborghini there is not much point trying to making it discrete by selecting a Bon color. Will make up my mind this coming days - toughest car changing decision I have faced.
  12. Hello everyone, Considering swapping my 2016 Aston Martin Vanquish for a new Huracan 610-4. I love the idea of the Aston Martin but there are so many small annoying issues all the time with general build quality, maybe I am just too picky with squeaky sounds and small details. Any thoughts on Huracan from the perspective of build quality, reliability and general enjoyment with these cars? I have never owned a Lambo before - only 2 short test drives in a Huracan and my first impression was very good although I was not able to push it a lot as it is brand new. Feedback is welcomed
  13. Seems like there will not be a Huracan Superleggera or is that naive? As the name suggests, the Performante is a higher performance version of the standard Huracan and a successor to the Gallardo Superleggera. Although it was originally believed that the Huracan will also get a Superleggera badge, Lambo eventually decided to replace it with Performante. The name swap is rather surprising given that the high-performance Aventador retained the SuperVeloce name from its predecessor, but I agree that Performante is as fitting as Superleggera for a range-topping sports car.
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