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  1. Thanks - what a shame, it could look really cool as a fog light or flashing at hard breaking...
  2. No - I was wondering if it lights up ever or just a static refleks?
  3. Does anyone know if the center "Rain Light" on the diffuser is an active LED light or just a refleks? If it is a real light how do you switch it on/off - or is it triggered by something?
  4. The best ever in my opinion - feels very special and a potential keeper. Perhaps we will get some official production numbers later this year when they stop production? A few more shots attached
  5. The replacement is this one :-)
  6. Just a quick update - sold the yellow Huracan last week after 2 years of great fun and nearly 11,000 km.
  7. klmc

    Breaking it in...

    Thanks so much - that helped a lot!!
  8. So here it is - done the first 500km the past days - and so far I am quite honestly blown away...
  9. Any tips on the best breaking-in practice? I have yet to receive owners manual in English so any tips would be appreciated (PDF of a manual would be amazing)
  10. Decision has been made - will update this post in a few days
  11. Has anyone tried the new Michelin Pilot Sport 4S on a Huracan yet?
  12. Has anyone tried the new Michelin Pilot Sport 4S on a Huracan yet?
  13. There was great document listing the differences between 2015 and 2016 - does anyone have a list of 2016 vs 2017? Thanks in advance
  14. I did have the opportunity to test drive the Huracan - feeling pretty convinced I must say.
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