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  1. No disagreement. My future 812 lost a couple thousand as a typed this response. That car for me is a buy and hold. I just love the car. Because I am 6’6” that car appeals to me largely because it’s the ONLY supercar that I can even begin to approximate comfort. That and the 8900 redline on the NA V12 with just under 800hp....
  2. Yes. Car is built and arrives in about a week or slightly more. Nice spec too.
  3. Forgot to mention, car is built and arrives early next month. Solid spec, although would not have been my first choice.
  4. I have been trying unsuccessfully trying to secure an SVJ allocation for some time now. All that changed abruptly when I got a call this afternoon saying that one was suddenly available. I tying to decide if I want to move forward. My hesitation is that I love my HP and I have an 812 that will be here in a couple months (which is replacing my F12). I have both finite garage space and finite resources, so I am trying to be judicious. For me it comes down to this, just how special long-term will the SVJ end up being? My plan was to hold onto my HP and 812 forever as I am an “end of era normally aspirated engine” kind of fella. I was going to rotate a third car, maybe a 720, then a 488 replacement, then an Aventador replacement, and so forth. Naturally the price walk from the HP is considerable and would mitigate my flexibitly on the third car. Of course, if the long-term prospects of the SVJ were better, that too would change the scenario. Ultimately, because I am new to the car game, I am clueless and thus I come to you for your thoughts. “
  5. That spec is ideal. $606 original MSRP and offered at $695. Wish I could have secured an allocation.
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