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  1. In conjunction to my previous comment, another local Mac owner told me something similar and he's got about 60k miles on his 12c. In his own words, he said his 50k mile service cost him as much as a Brand new 2017 Kia. Another funny thing I might add was before going into getting it serviced, he asked the techs how much does it usually run to get that 50k service done, their response was "we don't know... we never serviced one before" lol.
  2. Just going by what I was told, hence the mixed reviews lol. That's why I'm also considering the Gallardos as another option to the list.
  3. Probably, I've read mixed reviews on forums about them. Even talked to local Mac owners in regards to them and one of them specified that (Mac will not allow dealers to open up the engine) while the other claim it's more driver friendly than the Lambo/Ferrari, which explains why I was originally looking at them.
  4. My apologies, I've read too deep into my friend's text message in regards to the clutch. He specified that anything related to the engine or trans would be catastrophic because McLaren will not allow dealers to open it up and repair. It must be replaced entirely at around $30,000-40,000.
  5. Wow, that's a whole new perspective for me in terms of what to expect. Love the wing, may consider it in the near future if I do go with this Gallardo!
  6. Not sure who, but the original owner is local in the Sacramento area. Was told he was some famous painter/artist. Probably the only information I have in regards to it.
  7. Cost almost twice as much as this car. One thing noted about the 12c is that the clutch job on it cost roughly $30,000 from what I was told by another local Mac owner. I'm in no rush to buy a car at the moment because I still have to sell my Lotus Evora. If the price is right, I wouldn't mind adding another car to the stable. I just love the color combo on it and the styling of the LP bumper to go along with it. Rear glass hatch is also what I love in conjunction with the black accent. Cant have two exotics sitting in the garage because the boss lady at home be bitching saying no more toys so
  8. Thanks a lot for the feedback guys! You guys are sure perspective... Yes, from what I was told, the interior was in fact redone because there was a lot of wear on the inside originally. The previous owner swapped out the old stereo (because it was crappy) to something a little better and more modern. They sent me roughly 7-9 pages of invoices dated back from 30k miles and it's been kept up since then. Tons of preventive maint work such as simple fluid changes and and half of it related to the transmission. They fixed the issue with the older gen transmission by installing a new F1 E-gear pump
  9. Not sure if this is the right section to post this. Mods, please move to the right sub-forum if needed. So I was actually in the market for a McLaren until I stumbled on to this car (from Sacramento, CA area). Definitely caught my eye and truly a gem in my opinion. With that being said, I was wondering if anyone here recognize this car? Some dealer from the area called Diamond Autosport currently has it in their possession and for some odd reason, they seem a bit fishy about it as if they don't know jack. I'm interested in the car, but i'm quite concern about the well being and condition
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