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  1. Has anyone disconnected the front drive shaft to turn the car into 2WD instead of 4WD? Friend of mine did this on his 03 Murci and said it made a big difference in handling. Thoughts?
  2. Thank you! Looking for clean car over "cheap" and complete maintenance history is a must. Reasonable miles don't bother me, but ultra low miles scares me. None of my cars are garage queens, however, I take meticulous care of them. I don't have enough knowledge about the Murci/LP640 and want to get some input from owners before I purchase.
  3. Hi all, looking for some pre buy advice on the LP640 (coupe or roadster). What are some of the things to lookout for (e-gear, tops, front lift, etc) ? Any must have option(s)? Any reason to (and not to) get the LP640 over a regular Murci? I'm a newbie to Lambo, but had a few Ferraris...finally ready to come to the "dark side". Thank you in advance. John
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