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  1. Hello everyone,, For the first time ever, I drove all three of my cars to back to back, on the same roads to get a better idea of their differences. Started with the Countach. It truly is such a unique car to drive. There really is nothing else quite like it. All this horseshit printed through out the years of how its hard to drive, cant see out of it, uncomfortable blah blah blah. Im 6ft, over 200lbs, and fit fine. My head doesn't hit the roof like many claimed, and my knees don't straddle the steering wheel. My size 12 sneakers do just fine with the offset pedals. At slow sp
  2. Hello everyone,, After going to HRE's open house yesterday I shot down to San Diego for some fun. I visited the Air & Space museum (which was epic) and right next door is the automotive museum. I had to pop in there and low and behold I found this gem: A 1974 Walter Wolf tuned Countach LP400. This car instantly took me back to memories of watching the Cannonball run movies and has so much presence. Some say the wing and flairs ruined the car, but I actually think the work extremely well and I am glad Lamborghini incorporated a lot of the design elements into later gen cars. Enjoy the
  3. Hello everyone,, Normally I would have thrown this in the Murcielago section, but I have a family member who is looking to purchase this Murcielago on Tuesday and they asked if I could tap into the LamboPower world and see if anyone knows anything about this car. Apparently it was traded in, along with an LP640 roadster, on an Aventador in Miami. The previous owner was out of Massachusetts and everything is stock aside from the rims (I know, not everyone's flavor. I am reserving judgment until I see them in person). Clean carfax too. Anyway, I will throw the VIN and some pics below, but a
  4. Thank you my issue has been solved,….
  5. Hello everyone,,, Diablo SV owners, clarification needed please. I had seen several versions of the clutch pedals. Some are in bear metal form while others have a rubber pad on top. So which is which please? Is the bear metal one deliberate so as to distinguish it from the brake pedal or the rubber pad simply died as a result of constant use? These pics are pulled off a quick Google search as references. Some guidance would be appreciated, thank you.  (Mods, feel free to move this to the Diablo section as you see fit; I just want to maximize the exposure of this query. Thanks
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