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  1. Jeff, You hit the nail right on the head. It was the X brace. Thanks
  2. Jeff, That makes a lot of sense. Thank You!
  3. Hey Destructo, Thanks for the reply. The wheel was not maxed, and there was no issue when on the road and making corner turns. What I should add to the original post is that when going up the driveway the body was flexed a little, and same on the way out. I hear the car is in for servicing, so will be interesting to see what is found, I am guessing in a few days. If no one else chimes in, I will post what the issue was for future use.
  4. Looking to get back to 12 cylinders. While test driving an Aventador S, slowly turning into a driveway, a loud noise came from the rear. Same sound that you would hear if you swatted a fly against the wall with a shoe. Pop! Reversing out heard the same noise not as loud. My first thought was the 4 wheel steering or a lose engine mount. Did an internet search but did not find anything. This happen to anybody here or any ideas? Besides that the car ran flawlessly on the streets and highway.
  5. Sorry for posting this but I thought you guys should see this. The fact that it is a kit car (and a bad one) is ok. The fact that this guy tries to pass it off as a real Aventador sucks!!! https://youtu.be/Bxxzzh3tR74 Ferruccio must be turning in his grave.
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