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  1. Thanks to all that responded, yes ended up being a simple fix as a few of you mentioned, Pressure plate was stuck!! Thank you for all your help - have a small other issue too that Im gonna post shortly for some insight - thanks again!!
  2. Thanks @oldguygarge & @frankD - took it to a friends shop locally for them to get it on the lift.
  3. Hi all - I'm new to this forum and needed some help. I appreciate all your help in advance. Have a very weird situation with my 2005 G. Had lost my key for the vehicle after driving it 4 weeks ago. Parked it, sat outside in the elements for 4 weeks. Found the key yesterday - went to drive it, and the clutch is not engaging. When the car is off, you can push the car thru all the gears, but as soon as you start the car - push the clutch (feels normal), but trying to put the car in gear and it won't go - its like forcing it but won't move. If you shut the car down, and put it in gear, then try to start it with foot on the clutch - if jumps like you don't even have your foot on the clutch. Clutch was replaced by a forum member about 4000 miles ago. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
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